Radio DockDogs Episode 24 – Rideau River, Youth Handlers, New Handlers & Contests

Radio DockDogs Episode 24 is available now and it’s jam packed with awesome interviews and exciting content for an upcoming contest! Check down below the fold for a shout-out to the Club 3D Iowa DockDogs crew for sharing Radio DockDogs on their Facebook page too!

DockDogs Year End AwardsIn this episode Jim chats it up with Laurie Gray, president of Rideau River DockDogs, Canada’s newest DockDogs Affiliated Club; Toni Schraa, Youth Handler board member of Rideau River DockDogs, long time DockDogs competitor, and daughter of John Schraa of DockDogs Canada!

Last, but not least, we’ll hear from Tim Kinder, a new competitor who has caught the DockDogs fun fever in just 4 events. Tim shares his stories about breaking personal bests all weekend at the Medina County Fair with his new personal best score of 21’5″ with Casey, his 1 year old Black Labrador Retriever. While Tim hasn’t been to many events yet he truly understands what DockDogs is all about — having fun with your best human and canine friends!

We started todays show off with news that we’re launching a CONTEST where the winning DockDogs Affiliated Club win have their 2014 Affiliated Club dues paid by DockDogs Worldwide! ESPN has the ESPY’s, Outdoor Channel has the Golden Moose Awards, the Actors Guild has the Oscars, now it’s time for DockDogs® to name our awards ceremonies.

  1. “LIKE” the DockDogs page on Facebook
  2. Submit your idea for the Year End Awards until August 30th at 5:00pm EST. One name suggestion can be submitted per Facebook user on behalf of a DockDogs® Affiliated Club.
  3. Each club will be emailed entries submitted on behalf of their club and select their top 5 favorite ideas after the 30th.
  4. DockDogs® Management Team will announce the winning club & award name on the 15th of September.
  5. The winning club will have their 2014 Affiliation Fees paid for by DockDogs® Worldwide!
  6. The NEW awards and ceremony name will be showcased at this years DockDogs World Championship.

Club 3D Iowa DockDogs

Thank you to Club 3D Iowa DockDogs for sharing last weeks episode of Radio DockDogs to their Facebook page! Club 3D is a great DockDogs Affiliated Club in Iowa, the home to the DockDogs World Championships and Midwest Regional Championships. This club is backed by a great group of Dock Dogg-ers that are passionate about the sport and always eager to help new dogs get involved.

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