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Radio DockDogs® episode 160

In this Radio DockDogs Special Report, we will be featuring Grant Reeves, the CEO of Dockdogs and Amanda Morrissey, who made national headlines with her pup Annie, over Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) that prevented her from competing this past weekend in Kansas...
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Radio DockDogs® Episode 159

Radio DockDogs® returns for our second week with our new host Timothy Lake! In this episode we interview Lisa Hudgens from our Smoky Mountain DockDogs club and Thomas Platts, our EV record holder, of the DockDogs event crew. Listen in to hear updates,...
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Radio DockDogs® Episode 158

Radio DockDogs® returns with our new host Timothy Lake! Jim and Tim relaunch Radio DockDogs® with this episode and talk about the new flavor, topics, guests and more... Tim interviews Jim Z, our previous producer and host as he hands over the reigns to...
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Radio DockDogs® Returning Soon!

Radio DockDogs® has some new changes to announce. We will be returning the week of July 24th! Keep your ears open. You can subscribe and listen to our archives.
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Radio DockDogs Episode 157 – Photography in the World Championships!

Radio DockDogs Episode 157 is here as we're 1 week away from the DockDogs World Championships! Tune in today to hear about the DockDogs World Championships photography program revamp that we're rolling out for 2016! World Championships Car Window Contest - $200 in...
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Noah’s 2nd Birthday – Life is Grand

Hello Everyone! As August 19th quickly approaches, Noah’s family is preparing for his...
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Labor Day Cover Photo Contest

Rules & Requirements: Labor Day Theme - can be a variety of things including all...
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Photo Contest Winners

DockDogs® had our July photo contest. You voted and we listened. Thank you to all of...
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Titles & Rankings Down

Titles & Rankings are under construction. We apologize for any...
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It's coming.... 2017 DockDogs® World Championships! Hosted this year in Knoxville, TN...
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