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Radio DockDogs Episode #163

On this Special Report of Radio DockDogs, we check in with Grant Reeves, the CEO of DockDogs and Amanda Rose, the president of Heart of Texas DockDogs to see how they are faring after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We also hear from Hannah Horstman, the Outreach...
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Radio DockDogs Episode 162

On this episode of Radio DockDogs, we talk about the upcoming launch of DockDogsTV and Lottery Week! Then we go in deep with the #Powerful Rex Johnson where we talk about putting on a show, Dueling Dogs, and his season so far! Be sure to enter the secret passphrase...
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Radio DockDogs Episode 161

New announcements including DockDogs TV and Doghouse League invites...Record Breakers and will feature from Team Sydfire- Sydney Mackey and Spitfire as well as Charlotte Blake and Voss
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Radio DockDogs® episode 160

In this Radio DockDogs Special Report, we will be featuring Grant Reeves, the CEO of Dockdogs and Amanda Morrissey, who made national headlines with her pup Annie, over Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) that prevented her from competing this past weekend in Kansas...
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Radio DockDogs® Episode 159

Radio DockDogs® returns for our second week with our new host Timothy Lake! In this episode we interview Lisa Hudgens from our Smoky Mountain DockDogs club and Thomas Platts, our EV record holder, of the DockDogs event crew. Listen in to hear updates,...
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Feature Finals Shows

Knoxville Convention Center, Knoxville TN Join DockDogs® at our 2017 World...
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Halloween Cover Photo Contest

Rules & Requirements: Halloween Theme Entrant must have competed with DockDogs®...
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DogHouse League Lottery Day 4: Iron Dog Results

Warrior: Brian O'Connor & Yolo Titan: Debra Mittlesteadt & Charm Spartan:...
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DogHouse League Lottery Day 3: Extreme Vertical

Cadet: Karen Pellegrino & Kybo Top Gun: Vicki Tighe & Reason High Flyer:...
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DogHouse Lottery ’17 Results for Speed Retrieve

Speed Retrieve Results: Express: Jacob Salisbury & Maverick Turbo: Mona Kurth & Tallie...
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