DockDogs® was born in 2000 to create a nationally recognized competitive sport based on rules and precedents in Track and Field competitions.  Much of DockDogs® Big Air Dog competitions’ popularity comes from having national standards and objective measures that allow people to train competitively and have objective feedback on their progress.  Also, our open competitions allow “anyone with a dog and toy” to participate in the sport and have a chance at national recognition.  

DockDogs® is an organization about having fun and celebrates every improvement with our competitors, staff, sponsors, and spectators.  Even an inch improvement over a team’s previous jump is something to be happy about. We continue to work hard to keep the sport as simple and fun as possible, and to create a culture of camaraderie amongst the Novice through the experienced competitors.  We want teams to participate at whatever level they and their dogs can compete, so we created divisions for each of the different disciplines, which in turn allows teams to be ranked and awarded fairly against other competing teams, based on their current performance abilities.   

DockDogs® consists of 3 different sporting disciplines:

Big Air – the first sport of DockDogs® and the most popular, this is the Long Jump of canine aquatics.

Extreme Vertical – introduced in 2005 it is considered the High Jump of canine aquatics.

Speed Retrieve – launched in 2008 this is a timed sport involving the combination of run, jump, swim and retrieve.

In 2010 based on the popularity of the combined sports of Big Air, Extreme Vertical & Speed Retrieve, DockDogs® introduced “Iron Dog” to its Events.  Teams that competed in each of the 3 different disciplines at a single event, could register as Iron Dog teams in order to be ranked against other Iron Dog teams competing at the event.  A points table was created to assign points values to each different discipline’s scores, to be tallied up at the end of an event to determine the Top Iron Dog.