DockDogs is the fastest growing sport on 4 legs. Here are the basics of DockDogs events, how to get started and info on which discipline may be best for your dog.

Pick Your Discipline

Big Air

Big Air is a “long jump for dogs”. The dog, which may be placed anywhere on the 40′ dock, runs and jumps into the water after a throw toy (provided by the handler) is tossed. The distance is judged from the end of the dock to where the tail set of the dog breaks the water’s surface.

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Extreme Vertical

Extreme Vertical is a “high jump” for dogs. The dog starts off at the 20’ mark on the dock & jumps up to grab a bumper toy extended out 8’ from the end of the dock over the water. The starting height for Extreme Vertical is 4’6” & goes up in 2” increments as competition progresses.

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Speed Retrieve

Speed Retrieve is a “timed event”. At the far end of the pool a bumper toy is suspended 2” above the water with a starting indicator light above it. The dog is then placed at the 20’ white starting mark on the dock, when the light turns green the handler releases the dog, the time clock stops when the dog has pulled the toy from the Speed Retrieve bracket.

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A few simple rules to keep in mind when you are getting started

  • There are two ways to register for an event, pre-register online or register onsite at the event. There is a discount for teams that pre-register online and it also guarantees you a spot in the waves you would like to enter. Youth Handlers receive discounts for Big Air Waves through either form of registration! (non members may pre-register for an event on 2 login occasions. Membership is needed for additional pre-registration logins.) Please note that a handler account consists of one handler with one or more dogs.
  • Anyone can bring their dog to an event to compete, either by pre-registering through our website or registering onsite on a first come first serve basis.
  • The dog must be AT LEAST 6 months old, and handler must be AT LEAST 7 years old to compete or practice.
  • No pushing, shoving or throwing the dog in the water. He/She must go willingly!
  • Poop and Scoop or clean up is mandatory
  • When at a DockDogs® event all dogs must be on a 4′ leash, 8′ away from other dogs at all times or in a crate within the kenneling area.
  • There is a handlers meeting 15 minutes prior to each wave you are participating in. If you are not in attendance at the meeting you will be scratched from the wave and you will not be refunded your entry fees.

See full 2022 Rules & Policies Here