Radio DockDogs® Episode 172

This episode we feature DockDogs® competitor Nancy Akin! I sat down with Nancy and we talked about tips to succeed and the “First Event Survival Guide”, a guide that Nancy put together for new competitors to the world of DockDogs. Nancy and I discuss the tools to succeed and how the DockDogs #Community truly are the most amazing people in the world of Dog Sports. Tune in for Radio DockDogs® now!

Radio DockDogs® Episode 171

This episode we feature DockDogs® CEO Grant Reeves. I sat down with Grant and we talked about upcoming events, The Victory Park Double Header Wildcard, the DockDogs World Championships, the return of Iron Dog, and how Knoxville is stepping it up for us this year at Worlds ! Tune in for Radio DockDogs® now!

2nd Annual Bark at Noah’s Ark – Noah’s Update!

After much anticipation, the Bark at Noah’s Ark Fundraising Team (we affectionately call ourselves the Bark Brainz) is EXCITED to announce that the DockDogs Community greatly exceeded the goals for this year’s event! With combined efforts, over $12,000 were raised for Noah’s Trust fund, doubling the total previously contributed at the 2017 event! The 3rd Annual Bark at Noah’s Ark is set for May 3rd -5th, 2019. Mark your calendars now for this must attend event! For event updates, follow the Bark at Noah’s Ark Community page at

While the “Bark Brainz” primary focus is organizing the Bark at Noah’s Ark event, our mission is to support Noah by securing his future, and meeting his current needs. During one of his recent appointments, it was revealed that Noah’s test results range on the Autism Spectrum. Jay and Deb, Noah’s guardians, have taken this diagnosis as a source for positive change in Noah’s life. In addition to the ongoing support of The Bark at Noah’s Ark Fundraising Team, Noah will now have access to supplementary resources and programs. We are delighted to share that Noah started school on July 9, 2018!

Despite all of our success and the brightness that the future shines, a bit of light was lost in the process. It is with deep sorrow we share that Jay, Deb, and Noah lost a hero in their lives. Jay’s beloved neighbor, Mark Oldham, passed away on May 25, 2018. Mark attended both events in 2017 and in 2018, as he loved watching teams on the Noah’s Ark Dock. As property owners next to Indian Creek K9 Aquatics, Mark and his wife, Kristy, graciously allowed competitors and spectators alike to utilize their land for camping and parking during the Bark at Noah’s Ark DockDogs festivities. Mark is and will continue to be greatly missed; we cannot thank his family enough for their dedication and their ongoing support.

It is often said that one person can make a difference…We, the Bark Brainz, continue to believe that we face this world Two by Two. We never go it alone.

Radio DockDogs® Episode 170

Can you guys get excited?! This episode we feature DockDogs® Australia’s own Farmer Dave! I sat down with Dave and we talked about Dogs in our lives, the differences between Australia and the US, and how he plans on expanding the sport in the land down under! Tune in for Radio DockDogs® now!

Radio DockDogs® Episode 169

The DockDogs® season is now heading into the full swing of things! Tim Lake catches up with Matt Bohn of The Upbeat K9 and Buckeye DockDogs and talks about his recent success at the Dueling Dogs World Championships, Setting a new Guiness World Record, and what their plans are this season! Tune in for Radio DockDogs® now!