New Roads to the DockDogs World Championships – Two New Wildcard Events


The 2013 DockDogs World Championships are right around the corner and we’re starting to get excited! Today, we’re pleased to announce two new routes to earn a coveted invite to the big show in Dubuque, Iowa November 13 – 17.

A unique piece to the Wildcard event qualifying is that any team can earn an invitation, even at your first event! The full qualifying criteria is included below, which outlines how a team can qualify to earn an invitation via their ranking at the the Wildcard event.

With two Wildcard events completed in 2013 we want to bring in new opportunities for those in the Midwest and Western states to earn invitations that they otherwise wouldn’t have available.

We hope to see you out on the dock in Wisconsin or Nevada! If you have any questions please leave a comment here or email [cryptex][/cryptex]

Adobe PDF download

Road to World’s Qualifying Criteria [PDF Download]

The top (1) Ranked team within each division of each discipline (Big Air; Speed Retrieve; Extreme Vertical & Iron Dog) based on event rankings (not including Finals scores) will receive an invitation to the 2013 DockDogs® World Championships. This includes the Specialty Divisions (Youth Handler; Lap Dog; Veteran Dog; Legend Dog).