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Radio DockDogs Episode 146 - North East Regionals

July, 27 2016
[caption id="attachment_15564" align="alignright" width="300"] Rich Schafer with Trouble - 30'7" DockDogs Big Air[/caption] Radio DockDogs Episode 146 is here with interviews from the North East Regional Championships that took place at Klem's in Spencer, MA this past weekend. We've got a jam-packe ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 145 - Let's BARK with BAARK

July, 20 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 145 is here with an interview featuring Tina McLaughlin of The BAARK Foundation. Tune in today to hear about the BAARK Foundation Club Contest for the World Championships this year and much more! We're also excited to announce the winner of the contest we held last weekend o ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 144 - Double Regional Championships Part 2

July, 13 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 144 is here with the 2nd half of the Regional Championships interviews from the Canadian Regional Championships. In case you've missed the episode last week be sure to tune into Episode 143.   [powerpressRADIO DockDogs E144 7-13-16] With the summer season in full swing ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 143 - Double The Regional Championships

July, 7 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 143 is here with interviews from the Canadian Regional Championships and the North Central Regional Championships that took place this past weekend. We're excited to continue on with some special hosts for the episode this week joining in on the fun to help Jim Zelasko out wit ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 142 - Summer on Broadway

June, 29 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 142 is here with interviews recorded live at the Smoky Mountain DockDogs Summer on Broadway event that took place this past weekend in Maryville, TN. Tune in today for special interviews conducted by a GUEST HOST! Tune in today to see how Trent Steele stacks up as guest interv ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 141 - Cindy Cowherd & Central Regional Championships

June, 8 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 141 is here with an interview with Cindy Cowherd. Tune in today to hear all about the upcoming events throughout the Mo-Kan area as well as about some of the exciting events at the Central Midwest Regional Championships at Dog Days Bar & Grill.   [powerpressRADIO Do ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 140 - From the Dog Bowl

June, 1 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 140 is here with interviews from the Frankenmuth Dog Bowl. Tune in today as well as check out some of the amazing photos taken by your favorite Radio DockDogs host, Jim Zelasko from the Frankenmuth Dog Bowl DockDogs event below! With the season moving forward in full force we ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 139 - The State of the "Union"

May, 18 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 139 is here with a chat with Grant Reeves, CEO of DockDogs for a State of the Union style update of DockDogs episode. Tune in today to hear a recap of recent news you may have missed and of course we've got a few exclusive bits of news to release as well! As we head into the ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 138 - It's About Community!

May, 11 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 138 is here with an interview with Joan Gunby, a longtime competitor and DockDogs Regional Rep and member of the newly formed DockDogs Ethics Committee. In addition to her involvement with DockDogs Worldwide she's also on the board of the Delmarva DockDogs club who have a jam ...