Radio DockDogs Re-Cap Week & People’s Choice Awards

Radio DockDogsRadio DockDogs is on a break this week for a chance to re-cap all of the amazing episodes the past 27 weeks have brought us! We’re looking for your feedback on what you loved, what you want more of, less of, interview suggestions and of course audio shoutouts!

With 7 and sometimes 8 events happening each weekend in DockDogs it’s absolutely incredible how much we could cover in an episode — we can’t possibly squeeze in all of the exciting news. So, now is the time for you to post comments below, on Facebook or via email to suggest topics and interviews for future episodes! If you haven’t tuned in yet be sure to listen in on past episodes via iTunes, Android podcast, or iOS podcast or just here on the web all for free!

The 2013 World Championships are coming up soon so don’t forget about a few important points:

  1. People’s Choice Awards Nominations close on September 20th so be sure to put your thinking cap on and submit your nominations now before it’s too late!
  2. The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation Jump-A-Thon is underway — Be sure to support your local DockDogs Club as part of the Jump-A-Thon challenge and raise funds for when a fellow DockDogg-er is in dire straits to be able to assist them.

Thanks for tuning in over the past 27 weeks, we’ll be back soon. Bark it up in the comments below and share your feedback!