Radio DockDogs Episode Episode 126 – Soaring To New Heights

Radio DockDogs Episode 126 is here and we’ve got a jam-packed episode with new announcements as well as a recap of some of the recent news we’ve released. Be sure to tune in to hear an interview with Grant Reeves, CEO of DockDogs. We’ve gathered up links to some of the details you’ll hear about in this program as well for those of you that would like to read along for the full extent of the announcement or better yet, get their calendars ready for DockDogs events!

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2016 DockDogs Regional Championships

  • South West – Hanford Fair, Hanford, CA (6/10-6/12, 2016)
  • Central Mid West – Dog Days Canine Cannonball, Osage Beach, MO (6/17-6/19, 2016)
  • Canadian – K9 Central, Bowmanville, ON, Canada (7/1-7/3, 2016)
  • North Central – Tin Woof Inn, Ashland, KY (7/1-7/3, 2016)
  • North East – Klems DockDogs Days, Spencer, MA (7/22-7/24, 2016)
  • Mid West – Winnebago Fair, Oshkosh, WI (8/5-8/8, 2016)
  • North West – NW Washington Fair, Lynden, WA (8/18-8/20, 2016)

Recent Important News:

Precise Video Productions / Jim Zelasko Instagram Accounts Mentioned at beginning of episode: