Radio DockDogs Episode 9 – Special Guests, Regional Championships, & Upcoming Events

Mardi Gras DogRadio DockDogs Episode 9 is here, this time we have a jam packed episode! In this episode we hear back from Bob DeWire with the cliffhanger we left you with with in Episode 7, highlight upcoming events, and a few more exciting announcements!

If you’re looking for a way to earn an invitation to the Big Show at theĀ 2013 DockDogsĀ® World Championships,Ā the Regional Championships are approaching with Sonic Speed Retrieveā„¢ times; this year we’re jumping off with the Western Regional Championships May 30th in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada! With each Regional Championship we’re featuring an EXCITING SPECIAL FEATURE with off the dock fun at the DockDogsĀ® Regional ChampionshipsĀ Socials!Ā This year it’s time to DRESS UP Mardi Gras style and have a blast with your friends after an exciting day of on the dock competition there’s nothing better than making new friends, catching up with long time friends and eating delicious food!

That’s all we have for now… You know the drill, now it’s time for the show!

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