Radio DockDogs Episode 62 – North Central Zone Rep Cindy Cowherd Joins In!

Cindy Cowherd DockDogs Regional RepresentativeRadio DockDogs Episode 62 is finally here and we’d like to apologize for the delay in getting this weeks episode released. Unfortunately, due to network switch hardware failures during routine software upgrades at our web hosts data centreĀ our servers were unstable rendering it nearly impossible to post and then release this weeks episode of Radio DockDogs. We’ve been working around the clock to restore stable access and believe we’re around 99.5% stable and can release the show! Thank you for your patience and for Jim Zelasko, our favorite radio program host, for working to release every episode on time as often as possible to us and thank you to you for tuning in!

We have an incredible weekend ahead in the world of DockDogs with 7 events throughout the United States & Canada including the DockDogs Canada Eastern Regional Championships in Toronto, ON and a phenomenal interview with Cindy Cowherd, the North Central Regional Representative and longstanding supporter of DockDogs and Chase Away K-9 Cancer that we cannot wait for you to hear!

That’s all from us though, let’s get on with the show! Thanks!