Radio DockDogs Episode 6 – Across the Ocean with DockDogs UK

Radio DockDogs UK

Radio DockDogs Episode 6 is here with another exciting episode, this time with an international twist! As you may know DockDogs® is a Worldwide organization that sanctions clubs and facilities across the globe. With events, Affiliated Clubs, Sanctioned Facilities, and amazing leadership in each country we’re looking to bring a DockDogs® dock and pool and of course all of the fun to the place you call home!

This week we are speaking with Robert Kemeny from DockDogs® UK to catch up on what’s going on across the ocean, along with a few special guests. With 9+ events on the schedule currently slated for 2013 there is plenty of time for on the dock fun! In this episode we bring in a new twist to the show and feature live interviews from an event with a two of DockDogs UK’s competitors — Sarah Allen with Harry, a longtime competitor and UK record holder and Holly a brand new youth handler enjoying the sport for the first time!

Tune in below to catch up on your favorite show. We must warn you that it’s awfully cold out on the dock in England and you may want to bundle up before tuning in!

Dog listening to Radio DockDogs

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