Radio DockDogs Episode 55 – Matt & Flyer Soar Towards the Sky!

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Matt Bohn & Flyer join Radio DockDogs today for Episode 55! While Matt may live in Ohio, Flyer’s love of DockDogs and Matt’s dedication has led him across the country to meet countless competitors and have a blast on the dock! Matt shares his story of how he got involved in DockDogs, it’s awfully similar to most “I saw this on TV and….” and then the fun begins!

Matt is a member of his local club, Buckeye DockDogs, who is holding an event in Zoar, OH at the Dog Fest of Zoar May 3-5, 2014 that you do not want to miss out on if you’re in the state of Ohio and are looking for a fun weekend of high flying canine fun! Additionally, Matt travels often to visit his other clubs for friendship, competition and fun! Matt is also a member of Palmetto DockDogs in South Carolina and Smoky Mountain DockDogs in Tennessee!

We will also hear about Matt’s experience with Flyer as part of the K-9 Companion Division of the BADASS Dash that he participated in at Stone Mountain Park, benefiting Autism Speaks in March of this year. An obstacle race and adventure run that you take part in WITH YOUR K-9 COMPANION!

Matt Bohn & Flyer

We will drop off here for now and let Matt & Jim share the programme with us until next week! PAWS UP! Matt & Team Flyer are sponsored by Zuke’s – the newest sponsor to join the DockDogs program, we cannot wait until you see their new dock on the road! Be sure to check out a highlight of the Zuke’s dock online at last weeks episode of Radio DockDogs!