Jay Harris Carolina DockDogs

Radio DockDogs Episode 51 rolls in and this episode is full of EXCITEMENT! We know, each and every episode of Radio DockDogs is incredibly exciting; however, this episode features MR EXCITEMENT himself, Jay Harris. Jay is the President of Carolina DockDogs, Founding Member, and the man behind a whole lot of excitement for the crowds and fellow competitors of DockDogs®. Jay has been competing for 9 years with Sir Harley, his yellow Labrador Retriever and Mr Bently his Chocolate Labrador Retriever and his wife Deb even joined in with her Black Labrador Retriever Mercedes.

If you’ve been around DockDogs for any length of time there’s a good chance you know of Jay’s commitment to the DockDogs program, Chase Away K-9 Cancer and other DockDogs charities, to his club, fellow competitors and so much more. His contributions and dedication to DockDogs have earned him an induction into the 2012 DockDogs Hall of Fame with Sir Harley, and he surely has a story to tell.

We’re pretty excited to have Jay on the show and will drop off here, be sure to listen in!

Jim Zelasko and Jay Harris
Jim Zelasko & Jay Harris at the 2013 World Championships