Radio DockDogs Episode 50 – Dogs Soar at the Partners Sanctioned Facility

Partners Dog Training FacilityRadio DockDogs Episode 50 is here, and Jim has an interview with Partners Dog Training, DockDogs newest Sanctioned Facility in Arizona! Jim sits down with ownerĀ Leighton Oosthuisen to learn how he became involved with dogs, dog training, canine aquatics and of course DockDogs! Personally, one of my favourite aspects of DockDogs is the wide array of people involved — handlers ages, professions, preferred dog breeds, and so much more; I’m always ecstatic to hear about what someone may be interested in or do for work when meeting new handlers. Well, Leighton certainly has a unique story too — as an immigrant from South Africa who brought his family to the United States for dog training! Leighton has featured in feature Hollywood films as an actor and his talents as a dog trainer off camera too! He trains Police K-9’s for drug and bomb sniffing and safety, and of course loves canine sports in general.

Leighton certainly has built an incredibly successful facility with over 25 trainers for both on site and off-site training opportunities, kenneling, fields, canine aquatics and of course the newest addition of DockDogs! One day he met a few of the Arizona DockDogs club members and well, the rest is soon to be history!

Partners Dog Training certainly is ready to get up and running quickly with their first event slated for April 25 – 27 in Cave Creek, AZ for the “Partners Heatfest”! Don’t miss out on their inaugural event and the chance to attend a Western United States Sanctioned Facility Series event towards a possible invite for the World Championships!

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