Radio DockDogs Episode 49 – Radio DockDogs Turns 1 & DockDogs Canada Soars to New Heights!

Radio DockDogs Turns 1Radio DockDogs Episode 49 has arrived, and we’ve got an exciting episode lined up today! First I’d like to express my own personal gratitude and that of DockDogs Worldwide for Jim’s dedication to bringing each of us our favorite mid-week DockDogs programming with Radio DockDogs episodes and of course DockDogs TV as well! Yesterday, March 4th marks the 1 year anniversary of the Radio DockDogs program, and we’re simply thrilled to see how strong the program has grown and to High Flying new heights we have in store for 2014! If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic you can listen in to Episode 1 onward, you can even go for a Radio DockDogs marathon!

In this episode we’ll hear from Mike Chiasson, President and CEO of DockDogs Canada to catch up on the Sonic Speed Retrieve growth they’re experiencing, bringing this amazing community and canine aquatic fun throughout the Canadian provinces! DockDogs Canada will be hosting the FIRST EVER DockDogs® event in Quebec, shares about a few incredibly exciting venues for hosts of the DockDogs Canadian Regional Championships, the launch of a World Championship qualifier series and even more! Be sure to check out the program to catch all of the exciting details!

Be sure to leave us a comment on Facebook, in the comments below or better yet send us an audio recording and let us know what you think of the show! Until next time Dog Town… Enjoy the show!

Radio DockDogs Birthday
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