Radio DockDogs Episode 47 – DockDogs Brings People Together

Radio DockDogs®  Episode 47 rolls in – “DockDogs® brings people together” as this episode has Jessica Wilde and Jeff Wheeler of Tidewater DockDogs on the program. Jessica and Jeff met through Tidewater DockDogs and are now a couple — DockDogs® is truly bringing humans and K9’s together, what more could you ask for? In this episode you’ll hear about Jeff’s experience at the 2013 DockDogs® Rules Committee meeting where he attended with Ashley Rodgers, President of Tidewater DockDogs. Jeff also shares about his K9 Transport business that he started Wanna Go Pet Transport; transporting for rescues, DockDogs events and any other reason too! Of course you’ll hear about getting started with his first few events where jumping off the dock just seemed like it may never happen and then did and the excitement that gave him. Next up Jessica shares about her love of dogs and her rescue organization K9 Justice League. Between Jessica and Jeff they’ve got quite a crew of 4 dogs so we’ll leave it with them to share their story!

Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Radio DockDogs and stay tuned next week for your favorite program of the week!