Radio DockDogs Episode 42 – We’re Back After the Holiday Break!

Sandy Goodson with Lizzie Extreme VerticalRadio DockDogs is back after a holiday break and a bit of a delay in this weeks episode due to server maintenance, but we’re still super excited to share this episode! In this episode Jim Zelasko interviews Sandy Goodson, a DockDogger that started quite a while ago. Sandy has a fantastic story and has been involved with DockDogs® since 2005 — yes, nearly 11 years and has traveled to 13 states for competitions! Lizzie, her 10 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever is the first dog of hers that participated in DockDogs; to know that she still loves to get on the dock today makes it even more special. Sandy participates with a multitude of other dogs, and encounters many more, through her participation with NOLA, the New Orleans Lab Rescue program.

That’s it from us though — we’ll drop off here and let you get on with the show! Thank you to Sandy and of course Jim Zelasko for taking their time to make the kick-off episode for 2014 a great program!