Radio DockDogs Episode 33 – A New Interview Twist from the Pet Essentials Fall Paw Dive

Radio DockDogs Episode 33 is here with a special twist with interviews from the Carolina DockDogs Pet Essentials “Fall Paw Dive” event this past weekend. This event was a major hit in Charlotte, NC for Carolina DockDogs and was held at the Pet Essentials Holistic Pet Supplies store. Jim pulls a special twist in this episode by doing his first interview in the history of the Radio DockDogs program with Karen Rowan, co-owner of the Pet Essentials shop, about why she loves DockDogs! This is a really cool episode that we’re excited to air!

In the second interview Jim chats with a long time DockDogs competitor, member of the Carolina DockDogs club, Dawn Meline. Dawn’s got a whole crew of Labradors that participate with DockDogs and her dogs we’re there jumping big this past weekend. We’re gonna leave it to her to share all of their scores and accomplishments this past weekend, it’s a good interview so let’s get on with the show!

Thank you to DockDogs Australia for sharing this past weeks episode of Radio DockDogs on their Facebook page. Even though we’re going into winter for the majority of DockDogs it’s just warming up below the equator as they’re heading into the summer and dogs are flying high off the DockDogs Australia dock! They’ve just recently held an incredible National event along the Gold Coast with a fantastic showing of new dogs getting involved. We’re very excited to see what new heights they’ll reach as we soar into 2014! Be sure to stay up-to-date via their Facebook page and all of the happenings with club practices and events online on the DockDogs website.