Radio DockDogs Episode 29 – Iron Dog Champion Named & Special Guests

Team STIHL DockDogs Iron Dog Championships

Radio DockDogs Episode 29 is here with a few special guests in this episode! First up you will hear from me, Brian “BK” King, as I make my first appearance on Radio DockDogs. Next up Grant Reeves, CEO of DockDogs, shares a few minutes updates on DockDogs making our way into Rome on October 6 as part of “Dakota Day” and a pre-trip inspection for the first DockDogs UK Sanctioned Facility!

Lastly we’ll hear from Tom Dropik & Remi as they share their experiences for the 2nd year in a row at the Iron Dog Championships as well as leaving 2013’s competition as the Champion! Tom has been one of the competitors from the beginning still an active participant, so many memories contributed from his involvement and we’re sure plenty more to come. Congratulations to Tom and Remi for their big win as the Iron Dog Champion at the Nevada Wild Fest!


Keystone DockDogs

Thank you to Keystone DockDogs for sharing last weeks episode of Radio DockDogs to your Facebook page! Keystone DockDogs, located in York, PA is one of the longest standing clubs being established January 25, 2006. Keystone DockDogs is a great club with Novice through Legend Dog members always willing to help newcomers do what they love, get their furry friends in the pool to have some fun! You can learn more about Keystone DockDogs online at their website and Facebook page.