Radio DockDogs Episode 27 – High Flying Extreme Vertical World Record Holder

Crystal & BoRadio DockDogs Episode 27 is here with a jam packed episode. In this episode we’ll hear from Crystal Mcclaran of Cape Coral, Florida with Bo – the incredible 3 year old Walker Hound / Doberman. Bo, the incredible team holding multiple Extreme Vertical™ World Records – including the current High Flying height of 8’5″! Listen in as she chats about how she has gotten involved in DockDogs, training with Bo at Aqua Dog Sports, and even more! Crystal has just taken part in the filming of the BBC program ‘Officially Amazing’ for Guinness World Records! As the Top Ranked Iron Dog in DockDogs she will be at the Nevada Wild Fest Iron Dog Best of the Best program later this month to be televised on CBS Sports to battle head to head with 5 other teams to be crowned the Iron Dog Champion!

If you have been stuck at the bottom of the DockDogs pool, swimming for something you lost during the last Wave, then you MAY notKristi Baird & Buddy Extreme Vertical have heard that the Canadian Regional Championships are just right around the corner! The Canadian Regional Championships will take place in London, ON as part of the Western Fair 12 – 15 September and it’s going to be an absolutely incredible event. Mike Chiasson, CEO of DockDogs Canada®, joins the program to tell us a bit about the events highlights and the Friday Night Social [PDF Download]! This event is going to be absolutely incredible — TV productions, Sponsored Prize Giveaways from Omega Alpha, and a pig roast at the social! Don’t miss out on a chance to be part of this absolutely fantastic event — compete to earn a World Championship invitation, meet new friends and see old ones both on the dock and at the Friday Night Social, and of course on the dock canine fun! As Jim Zelasko always says…. “ALRIGHT DOGGIES… LET’S GET WET!”  



Dog-with-Microphone-448x230Last, but certainly not least, the People’s Choice Awards Nominations will be opening up tomorrow so be sure to stay tuned to the DockDogs Facebook page, your Handler portal, and here on the Latest From the Dock Blog!



306525_3366092425126_1179981145_n Thank you to Mo*Kan DockDogs for sharing a recent episode of Radio DockDogs to their Facebook page! Mo*Kan is a great club with both Novice and Veteran competitors, always having fun! Mo*Kan DockDogs, as their name sounds, services BOTH Missouri and Kansas to bring all of the canine aquatic DockDogs fun to both states. Mo*Kan has handlers spanning the midwest with handlers from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas. You can learn all about the club, get involved as a member, see photos from events, get training tips and find out practice locations by checking out their website at  


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