Radio DockDogs Episode 26 – New Clubs in Indiana, High Flying Jack Russell Terriers, & a Special Treat too!

Radio DockDogs Episode 26 is here! In this episode we’ll hear from Jim Zelasko as he barks it up with 3 great interviews from the Kentucky Ultimate Outdoor Expo.

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Up first in todays program is Bob Evans and his Yellow Labrador Retriever, Buckeye, they’ve definitely got some exciting news to share! Bob is starting the Indiana DockDogs club back up and they’re gearing up with Sonic Speed Retrieve times. If you’re in getting started with DockDogs in the Indiana area be sure to check them out on Facebook, online at the DockDogs website, or via email to [cryptex][/cryptex]

Next up we’ll hear from Debbie Pinkerton from Minerva, OH. Debbie’s an avid Jack Russell lover / handler, this weekend she has Mr. Tibbs, her 1 year old Jack Russell out at the Expo and he’s just doing great! Everyone always loves the Lap Dog division, watching them is always a blast. Mr. Tibb’s just recently set a new Personal Best with a 18′ jump at the Medina County Fair just a few weeks ago!

Last but not least we’ve got an extra special interview with Bryce Murphy, grandson of Kay and Rande Murphy of Kentucky DockDogs. While Bryce is only 4 years old he sure does have a lot to chat about — this is a great way to end the show today so be sure to check it out in this cute closing!

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