Radio DockDogs Episode 22 – Medina County Fair & Special Announcements

Radio DockDogs® Episode 22 is here and ready for your listening pleasure! Before we get into the show we want to make a special announcement regarding your favorite weekly DockDogs show. DockDogs sat down with our favorite host, Jim Zelasko, and decided to move the release date of the show to every Wednesday; a little DockDogs® media excitement to get you through the mid week lull before a weekend full of fun! This will give us a bit of extra time to prepare the best interviews after a weekend, even a few more episodes with recordings from events from the prior weekend! We hope you’re as excited as we are with the new release date and continue to tune in via your iOS / iTunes podcast, Android podcast or right here on the DockDogs Blog.

In this episode Jim sits down for two short interviews at the Medina County Fair with local Dock Dogg-ers, a HUGE announcement that we’re beyond excited for and a shout out to Arizona DockDogs!

DockDogs® is going to be featured in the Guinness Book of World Records! As the World’s Premier Canine Aquatics program we’re ecstatic to have an opportunity to be a part of history featuring incredibly talented DockDogs® competitors! An upcoming DockDogs® event will feature a selection of teams, via invitation, several of the most Super Elite Big Air competitors as they go head-to-head in this fiery competition for print and video fame! Stay tuned for the full details coming soon!

In the first interview Jim chats with Annette Piechowski of Cleveland, OH, a longtime member of Buckeye DockDogs. Annette handles a 10 year old Legend Dog, Lacey, a Black Labrador Retriever. Annette has not only been a competitor of DockDogs, she’s a contributor too; Annette was contributing articles to the since retired DockDogs Magazine! Even though Annette doesn’t have the biggest jumping dog ever both she and Lacey love getting up on the dock and having a blast! This team truly gets what DockDogs is all about — having fun with your friends, making new ones, and of course having a blast bonding with your dog!

Next up Jim has a few minutes with Jessica Faris of Elyria, OH, who is also a member of Buckeye DockDogs, to talk about how she got started in DockDogs. At the fair this week(end) Jessica is jumping Duke, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, who had just pulled out a 15′ jump and Toby, a Cocker Spaniel, who had just popped out a Novice score of 6′. Jessica also brings along another furry family member, Max, another Cocker Spaniel who likes to spectate and cheer on his brothers!

Arizona DockDogs

Thank you to Arizona DockDogs for sharing last weeks episode of Radio DockDogs to their Facebook page! Arizona DockDogs was founded in the fall of 2009 by a great group of dog loving competitors! With the founding members being experienced trailers in all aspects and competitors in Agility and Obedience programs it was bound to having High Flying successes! Arizona DockDogs, unlike those of us in Ohio who suffer from winter DockDogs outdoor event withdrawal, are quite lucky with year round outdoor event opportunities hold practices often to have fun and get new dogs into the sport. If you’re out west and looking to get involved check out their practice schedule online!

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