Radio DockDogs Episode 21 – Jenn Boileau & Tucker

Jenn Boileau & Tucker

Radio DockDogs® Episode 21 is here and ready for your listening pleasure! Before we get into the show we want to make a special announcement regarding your favorite weekly DockDogs show. DockDogs sat down with our favorite host, Jim Zelasko, and decided to move the release date of the show to every Wednesday; a little DockDogs® media excitement to get you through the mid week lull before a weekend full of fun! This will give us a bit of extra time to prepare the best interviews after a weekend, even a few more episodes with recordings from events from the prior weekend! We hope you’re as excited as we are with the new release date and continue to tune in via your iOS / iTunes podcast, Android podcast or right here on the DockDogs Blog.

In this episode we hear from another Ontario DockDogg-er, Jenn Boileau. Jenn and her Black Labrador Retriever Tucker have been competing in DockDogs® for over 4 years now and just simply cannot be more passionate for the sport we all love so much. Tucker, like so many dogs in the sport, have excellent stories leading up to and in the lives of their handlers. Tucker is not only a rescue, he’s epileptic too; a true challenge to him and to Jenn, yet he loves to jump and swim so DockDogs®  is the perfect place for him! One of my personal favorite and most important opportunities of DockDogs®  is that it’s a zero discrimination sport — as long as your dog is over 6 months old they’re welcome and encouraged to take part; from the largest Great Dane to the smallest Pomeranian everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a first time competitor or a a seasoned veteran it’s all about having fun with your dog and the lifelong friends you meet at events!

That’s it from us though… Let’s get on with the show!

Before you listen in we wanted to have a little quiz — Do you know what Tucker’s original name was? Post your guess in the comments below!  

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