Radio DockDogs Episode 18 – Guys Night at the Eastern Regional Championships

Episode 14 of Radio DockDogs we brought you the Ladies Night episode at the 2013 DockDogs® Western Regional Championships! In this episode we flip things around and have a guys night at the Eastern Regional Championships from this past weekend! With all of this past weekends fun and competition there is a lot to chat about with these 4 teams; fundraising for The B.A.A.R.K Foundation and Team21, limbo, best dressed contests, and of course 2 pools of DockDogs® fun and competition at the 2nd largest event in DockDogs history with almost 600 entries! In this episode you will hear from Dave Skoletsky of Team21, Rick Myers of Buckeye DockDogs, Phil Bittner of Keystone DockDogs, and Bill Johnson of Tidewater DockDogs and Shipp’s Corner Pet Spa! Let’s get on with the show!

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