Radio DockDogs Episode 143 – Double The Regional Championships

Radio DockDogs Episode 143 is here with interviews from the Canadian Regional Championships and the North Central Regional Championships that took place this past weekend. We’re excited to continue on with some special hosts for the episode this week joining in on the fun to help Jim Zelasko out with the show.

Tune in to hear Paul Volino from Ontario DockDogs and Trent Steele from Smoky Mountain DockDogs step in for Jim Zelasko as the Radio DockDogs host, this is a great and exciting episode so be sure to listen in today.


With the summer season in full swing we’re jam packed full of events – don’t miss out on your next chance to get on the DockDogs Dock! Be sure to check out the next weeks events below the episode or visit our full events list or events calendar for planning your DockDogs schedules.

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