Radio DockDogs Episode 131 – Bonus Episode

Radio DockDogs episode 131 is here with our 1st ever BONUS EPISODE! No need to feel confused about the release of 2 episodes in a single week, we’re just overflowing with Super Elite details and could not possibly wait to tell you about them. If you haven’t listed to Radio DockDogs Episode 130 yet, I suggest doing that first to really feel the excitement build.

We start off with an interview with Grant Reeves, CEO of DockDogs as he shares exciting and exclusive details never before shared details about Dueling Dogs, the Dueling Dogs registration system (which is so close your dog may be salivating if they hear the news), the Dueling Dogs Membership program and the Dueling Dogs VID program, and so much more. Once the Dueling Dogs registration opens up you’ll want to get signed in right away and signed-up for the Shell Factory Hosts Dueling Dogs event coming up April 15-17, 2016. 

Jim’s also got an interview with Deb Feller who has a lot of exciting details to share about Palmetto DockDogs and about her families experience with being part of the Blue Buffalo DockDogs Ambassador Program. Don’t miss out on the Winyah Bay Heritage Festival or the Colleton County Rice Festival – April will be a big month for South Carolina!