People’s Choice Awards Nominations Now Open

The 2016 DockDogs World Championships are nearly here and the Golden Paw Awards committee is heavily involved in planning for the ceremonies. We’re excited to share that the 2016 Golden Paw People’s Choice Awards Nominations are now open!

If you do submit a nomination in a given category we do ask that you include a few sentences as to why you feel that way so that we can summarize these points when we tally the nominations and open up the top nominees for voting!

Nominations are accepted via the DockDogs Dashboard at Instructions and a screenshot can be found below for your reference.

2016 Golden Paw Nominations

After the nominations are tallied we’ll be opening up voting so be sure to stay tuned to the DockDogs Facebook, DockDogs Newsletter, and here on for a chance to take part in the prestigious awards ceremonies voting!

If you have any questions please email us.

  1. Nominations are open from September 22nd through October 13th @ 11:59pm EST.
  2. Only 1 (one) nomination per DockDogs username (a Handler can only have one username).
  3. In order to submit a nomination you must have participated in at least 1 (one) National or Club event during the 2016 DockDogs season.
  4. You do not need to submit a nomination for every category, however, you’re welcome to do so if you choose.
  5. If you provide a nomination please fill out a short summary of why you’re nominating this person/team/event.

Be sure to purchase your Golden Paw Awards tickets before prices go up! You can also ask questions or RSVP to our Facebook event for the Golden Paw Awards online