Noah’s 2nd Birthday – Life is Grand

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Hello Everyone!

As August 19th quickly approaches, Noah’s family is preparing for his second birthday!

On August 19, 2015, a baby boy entered the world at 26 weeks of gestation. All odds were against him. At a mere 30 ounces, Noah was unable to breathe on his own or digest food. He relied on breathing machines and IV feedings to keep him alive.

Since 2015, Noah has received an overwhelming amount of support, love and care from his family and the DockDogs® Community. Now, the bouncing, beautiful boy is weighing in at a healthy 22lbs! His parents, Jay and Deb, have had to move items out of his reach, because like many toddlers, this growing bundle of joy is getting into everything!

“I heard other parents talk about the “terrible 2’s” and really never knew what they were talking about. Boy, do I know now! Noah moves at lightning speed, getting into all kinds of mischief, but mostly exploring! So, all bedroom and bathroom doors remain closed!” – Jay Harris

Noah’s journey with food has come a long way, but there is still progress to be made. He is eating baby food and yogurt three to four times a day and receives pump feedings at night for seven hours. Noah struggles with regular food and his parents think it may be due to the many different textures.

“Deb and I would like to extend a huge “Thank You” to the DockDogs Community; your support of Noah, Deb and I as his parents is second to none!” – Jay

While parenting is not the simplest of tasks,  Jay and Deb do make it easier for one another. He praises his wife, “Deb Harris is Super Woman and deserves ALL the credit keeping us between the ditches as we travel the road “Raising Noah”.”

Noah’s family teamed up with DockDogs® and started a trust fund and created a facility! Now, DockDogs® Competitors from all over North America can jump at Noah’s Ark! In the 2017 season, the very 1st Annual “Bark at Noah’s Ark” event was held and was a grand success!  So much so, that the dates have already been set for the 2nd Annual Bark at Noah’s Ark in 2018! “Bark at Noah’s Ark” is quickly moving to the top of the DockDogs® list of “Must Attend Events”.

The Harris Family looks forward to seeing many of you in Knoxville at the 2017 DockDogs World Championships! Noah, like Papa Jay, will be sporting Red Chucks at the Gala!