Important Announcements from Dogz Events! ūüźĺ February 2024


The announcement you have all been waiting for‚Ķ ¬†After much consideration, we are pleased to announce that we will be returning to Dubuque, Iowa for the 2024 DockDogs¬ģ World Championship! ¬†The combination of the venue, the accommodations, the theatre and the tradition were hard to beat. ¬†We are excited to be back and we are planning big things for the 25th Anniversary of DockDogs¬ģ!

Monday, October 21 – Sunday, October 27, 2024


The Dueling Dogs‚ĄĘ¬†World Championships will be held in conjunction with the DockDogs¬ģ¬†World Championships.


We would like to share some more information about the dock reconfiguration, safety and more opportunities for Dueling Dogs‚ĄĘ.

Dueling Dogs:

For those that already duel or are duel curious we are¬†increasing¬†your opportunities¬†to do so by adding¬†Dueling¬†Dogs to several¬†DockDogs¬ģ¬†National events.¬†¬†We will not be¬†hosting¬†Dueling Dogs‚ĄĘ¬†at all¬†DockDogs¬ģ¬†National¬†events but will try to¬†make accommodations for it¬†where it¬†in as many events as we can to¬†provide new opportunities¬†throughout the season and across the Country. ¬†We will also be eliminating the Dueling Dogs‚ĄĘ membership for 2024. ¬†Please stay tuned for more exciting Dueling Dogs‚ĄĘ announcements.

Dock Reconfiguration:

In order to¬†make Dueling¬†Dogs‚ĄĘ another¬†main sport under the DOGZ Events umbrella of high-and flying canine aquatic action for hosts, competitors and patrons throughout North America¬†and at the same time¬†maintain¬†DOT¬†compliancy¬†across all of the Rigs,¬†we¬†have¬†reduced the overall dock¬†length from 40‚Äô to 36‚Äô.¬†¬†¬†We¬†are¬†aware that¬†some¬†are opposed to¬†this change because¬†of the¬†potential¬†impact¬†it¬†¬†may¬†have on¬†your¬†dog‚Äôs¬†performance in¬†Big Air;¬†and¬†we¬†both¬†understand¬†and appreciate¬†your concerns,¬†but we hope that you will¬†work with your dogs to embrace¬†this change¬†like you have done with other changes that have happened over the years since DockDogs¬ģ¬†began producing stand-alone events 25 years ago.¬†¬†We very much appreciate the support and¬†enthusiastic¬†passion of the community,¬†and¬†I¬†we¬†hope you can appreciate that we need to¬†continue to¬†innovate¬†to foster the growth of the sport and live events.


In conjunction with the above information about the dock reconfiguration, we have heard and seen comments regarding safety and we want to point out that safety has always been and will continue to be¬†of paramount importance to DockDogs¬ģ.¬†We are¬†proud of our safety record¬†of¬†for the last 25 years and¬†our organization adheres to the thought out and conscientious safety guidelines that govern our live shows which are designed to protect all teams (both handlers and dogs), patrons, venue personnel and their respective property.¬†As all venues have their hurdles regarding the placement of our docks & pools, we will continue to put safety first in relation to the entry to and exit from the dock and pool.

National Event Finals Prize Purse:

The DockDogs¬ģ¬†National Events Finals prize purse (credits) will be increased to:

  • First Place: $100
  • Second Place: $60
  • Third Place: $35

Looking forward to seeing you and your dogs on the dock,

Rob Urbach

CEO, Dogz Events