VetriScience® Laboratories, the maker of clinically proven GlycoFlex® Plus, is dedicated to helping pets live healthier lives every day. As a leader in the animal health industry, VetriScience® offers a broad range of supplements to support the health of cats and dogs from nose to tail. Please visit for more information.

Which GlycoFlex® is Right for Your Dog?

GlycoFlex® Plus

  • Clinically proven to increase hind leg strength by up to 41% in just 4 weeks.
  • Recommended for active, competitive and senior dogs suffering from joint discomfort and mobility issues.┬á
  • Chews available in chicken, bacon and peanut butter flavors.

GlycoFlex® Sport

  • Features many of the active ingredients found in clinically proven GlycoFlex Plus.
  • Recommended for adult, competitive and sporting dogs.┬á┬á
  • Tasty chicken-flavored chew that dogs love!┬á

GlycoFlex® Everyday

  • Basic joint support for puppies, maturing dogs and breeds predisposed to joint issues.┬á
  • Promotes normal joint function and healthy cartilage with Perna and glucosamine.
  • Delicious duck-flavored chew that dogs canÔÇÖt resist!

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*Washington State University Study: ÔÇťThe effects of GlycoFlex┬« 3 on stable stifle osteoarthritis model in dogsÔÇŁ

About Team GlycoFlex®

GlycoFlex┬« has been an official sponsor of DockDogs┬« since 2014 and has sponsored individual DockDogs┬« teams for nearly a decade. Team GlycoFlex┬« consists of DockDogs┬« teams from all over the United States and Canada who are dedicated to the sport, passionate about their petsÔÇÖ health and wellbeing, and attribute many of their achievements in DockDogs┬« and beyond to adding GlycoFlex┬« products to their pupsÔÇÖ daily regimens. Are you a GlycoFlex┬« Dog?

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Take Good Care Series

Take Good Care, a web series from VetriScience® Laboratories, explores the powerful bond between dogs and humans. Season one focused on the DockDogs® community and the long journey each canine athlete took from rescue to champion. Season two shows the incredible relationship between service dogs and their owners, including Wounded Warrior Christy Gardner and her dog, Moxie. Watch both seasons here:


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