Draft Dockdogs

Draft DockDogs allows competitors to play Fantasy DockDogs weekly! Sign up and draft your dream team, a combination of 3 dogs you think can win. Tune in weekly to see how they stack up!

How it Works

Sign up and create your team.
Choose your dogs.
Watch weekly live stream competitions
Win prizes!

Fantasy DockDogs is a virtual Iron Dog competition, challenging Sanctioned Facility Teams against each other, vying for the Title of Fantasy DockDogs Iron Dog Champion.

Weekly Winners of Facility Team Iron Dog Challenge and Draft DockDogs will be awarded $50 in DockDogs Credits or can donate equivalent amount of credits to 1:1 Value to choice of 1 of 3 Affiliated Charities:

  • The B.A.A.R.K foundation
  • Noahā€™s Ark of Love
  • DockDogsĀ® Youth Handler Foundation

Grand Prize for Overall Winner of Draft DockDogs
Winners of the overall online competition will receive an all-expense-paid trip to the 2020 DockDogsĀ® World Championships with a $500 travel-voucher, 5-Night Stay at Host Hotel (Holiday Inn @ Dubuque), & 1 Guaranteed Invite Entry to 2020 DockDogsĀ® World Championships.

Respecting Federal, State, and Local regulations, if you are able to go to your local sanctioned facility and can commit to jumping your jump for that week, you will register on the Fantasy DockDogs Competitorsā€™ Registration Page. This will compile the ā€œPoolā€ of dogs that will be draft draft-eligible in the weekly draft.

1. Jump sessions can be anytime from Saturday to Wednesday. In respect for social distancing, we do not encourage all teams to be present at the same time, but Sanctioned Facilities will be coordinating their own sessions depending depending on their availability for judging. This format will be different than normal standard operating procedures of DockDogsĀ®.

2. Each facility will determine their own scheduling and formatting to keep within local regulations, safe social distancing, and proper sanitization after each dog jumps. We will be permitting Teams to jump back back-to -back in all disciplines.

3. All scores will be manually judged/timed. In this format, only 1 Certified Judge is required. Teams are permitted to attempt to better their score in Big Air and Speed Retrieve as many times as they want, time permitting, and as long as a Judge is present and officially judging the jump. Extreme Vertical will be the exception where Teams can only attempt their best score once in a ā€œsingle weekā€™s session sessionā€.

4. Reach out to your local participating Sanctioned Facility to coordinate your availability in getting your judged jumps in!


Thank You For Watching and
Participating in Fantasy DockDogs!