DockDogs Worldwide Appoints Melissa Doren as DockDogs Canadian Regional Rep

DockDogs® Inc., the Worldwide Sanctioning body and leader in event production for Canine Water Sports competitions has appointed Melissa Doren as the DockDogs® Canadian Regional Rep

Melissa Doren Glyco FLEX
Melissa Doren at the 2015 DockDogs World Championships

Melissa Doren brings with her nearly 7 years of DockDogs® competitor experience and 3 years as a former President and Director of the Ontario DockDogs® Affiliated Club in Ontario, Canada serving from 2011 to 2013.  Melissa is also a long-standing DockDogs® Worldwide member, a long-standing member of the Ontario DockDogs® Affiliated Club and has both qualified and competed at the DockDogs® World Championships multiple times.  When Melissa is not on the DockDogs® Dock she’s working as a registered veterinary technician (RVT) at an emergency and referral clinic in the Toronto, Ontario area.

“Melissa’s dedication to the sport, experience in growing DockDogs® in the region and welcoming attitude towards new competitors, venues, and hosts will be an asset to her new role within DockDogs® across Canada”, commented Vicki Tighe, Director of Affiliated Programs for DockDogs® Worldwide.  “With our ongoing expansion of DockDogs® throughout Ontario and towards each coastline across Canada, Melissa will now be in a position to guide new clubs and facilities though the process of becoming affiliated or sanctioned by the Worldwide Organization.  And at the same time, she will also work hand in hand with the valuable volunteers of the current clubs and facility owners to grow the sport and the number of events, competitors and competitions in their regions.”

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