DockDogs Helps – Sign in to New Registration System Using Handler ID (Tutorial)

DockDogs Helps – Signing Into New Registration System Using Your Handler ID

[embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”bxFvVD5DdcM”]

Important Notes

  1. Your Handler ID is case sensitive and always begins with a capital H followed by 6 numbers
  2. When prompted to set your username please note the following important details:
    1. Your usernameĀ cannotĀ contain spaces
    2. Your usernameĀ cannotĀ be changed, please double check for typos.
  3. Please ensure that if you enter a cell phone number in on your profile page that you enter it without any parentheses, brackets, hyphens or periods. 1112223333 is the preferred format.
  4. Be sure to click “I agree to the DockDogs Rules & Policies”
  5. Upon completing your profile updates please scroll to the top of the profile and click on “Change Password” to finalize your initial login procedures. Enter your Handler ID for the last time in the top box followed by your new password in the bottom two boxes and click save to confirm the change. If successful you’ll be presented with a GREEN message box stating your password has been changed successfully.
  6. In order to vote in the People’s Choice Awards under “Site Announcements” please note that there are two scroll bars in this window. Please be sure to place your mouse cursor inside of the “Site Announcements” portion when scrolling to see the full voting form.

If you do not know your Handler ID please be sure to email so that we can retrieve it for you, please include your first and last name in the body of the email.