DockDogs Helps – Registration System & Getting Started with My DockDogs Dashboard – DockDogs Support Center Launched

DockDogs Zendesk Support SuiteToday we’re excited to announce the launch of our DockDogs Support Desk & Help Center! We’re now able to bring you self-service guides for many common questions regarding event registration, Titles, Rankings, logging into your MyDockDogs Dashboard account, and many other topics coming soon! You don’t have to wait for Monday to hear back on the question regarding your question on __________ that you found yourself stumped on at 11:30pm on a Saturday evening.

For questions that you cannot find an answer to in our Support Desk please submit a request¬†using the button found at the top of the page, this will allow our entire support staff to receive the notification and route it to the appropriate person, getting you the answer you’re looking for as quick as we can!

Additionally, during business hours in addition to our email and phone support we’ve launched a LIVE CHAT option for those of you who would prefer to type or find your phone battery dead when you pick up the phone to call. We hope that you find this service a welcome and helpful addition to our support channels and look forward to chatting with you there.

DockDogs Live Support Chat

We wanted to make sure the new support desk features were readily accessible throughout your use of DockDogs website and registration services. From the DockDogs website you can find an icon in the bottom right-hand corner of any page allowing you to search help articles and open a new support request, during business hours this will also allow you to begin a live chat session (if available).

Zendesk DockDogs Help Button

From your MyDockDogs Dashboard you can quickly access the DockDogs Support Desk from the announcements area.

DockDogs Dashboard Help Announced

You can also access the entire DockDogs Support site by clicking on “DockDogs Support” from the footer of any page.

DockDogs Support Desk