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DockDogs® Worldwide is once again implementing a leading edge approach to the growth and expansion of its canine aquatics program across North America.  The Upbeat K9, while a fairly new name to the Professional Dog Training scene, has already shown their willingness & ability to support DockDogs® in it’s continued growth of the crazy sport of canine aquatics; with impressive results.

“Over the past 12 months, with the incredible growth and influx of new teams coming out to try DockDogs® for the first time and teams training for canine aquatics at various sanctioned DockDogs® events and functions, DockDogs® found the need to reach out to The Upbeat K9™ on many occasions to produce live event demos and implement special training seminars.” commented Grant Reeves, CEO for DockDogs® Worldwide.

“As we look back at the success and ROI of this new initiative, both at the National level, as well as the Affiliate level, it is very apparent that the growth and retention rate of new teams in the select areas that we implemented this new initiative, has yielded great results on all levels.”  Reeves is also keen to explain, “We are excited to be entering into an expanded Training Partnership with The Upbeat K9™ for training initiatives and demos starting September 1st, 2016”.

As this initiative grows, you will be seeing more and more of the Upbeat K9™ Trainers, participating in various ways at DockDogs® live events.  This will include National and Club caliber events, Sanctioned Training Facilities, and Special Event Demos across the US, with the intentions of rolling this program out worldwide.  “With the approach and professional training methodology that we have witnessed & experienced from The Upbeat K9™ Founder and Head Trainer, Jesse Dalton along with the rest of The Upbeat K9™ Team of Trainers, we are confident that this will be a great fit and addition to our ever expanding Canine Aquatics program,” states Reeves.

“While the rumors are out there and the underlying current is somewhat true, The Upbeat K9™ has recently taken steps to expand across the US and into Canada with an anticipated steep growth curve on the horizon,” states Jesse Dalton, CEO of The Upbeat K9™ Franchise Corporation.  “With the opportunity to set up our training displays, demonstrate and teach the canine aquatics sport to the masses, and to be a part of the DockDogs® Live Events and demonstrations across the country, the exposure for our Brand, Franchisees, and their Trainers will definitely put a spotlight on our full services and capabilities.  In addition to the canine aquatics programs we now offer, The Upbeat K9™ is a full-service Premier Dog Training company.”  Jesse also noted.  “Whether your dog is a goofy puppy, has a tendency of aggression towards people or other dogs, or is fearful in uncomfortable settings, we will be able to assist you in bringing their obedience and companionship to the next level.  We have programs that will fit every pet parent’s needs.  We always begin with a free consultation, which gives us the opportunity to determine what you are looking for in your trainer and understand the specific goals you would like to achieve with your best friend.”

By partnering with The Upbeat K9, accordingly, DockDogs® events are sure to realize even greater successes with new teams who are coming out for their first time in addition to those experienced teams looking to hone in on bigger scores and better results.  Be sure to visit to find an upcoming event near you.

About DockDogs®

DockDogs® is the independent governing and sanctioning body for regional, national and international canine aquatic performance sports. DockDogs® establishes the rules and standards of the sport, tracks results and records and supports and promotes the growth of its athletes, events, spectators, and sponsors. For additional information visit or check us out on Facebook at

About Upbeat K9™ Franchise Corporation

The Upbeat K9™ Franchise Corporation is a subsidiary of The Upbeat K9, LLC™. Franchise location opportunities are now available for placement throughout the United States and Canada.  The Upbeat K9™ is a premier dog training company that offers professional, affordable dog training services for all levels of canine companions and their pet parent needs.  For additional information visit or check us out on Facebook at