Cast Your Ballot Today for the People’s Choice Awards

Cast Your Ballot Today For the 2015 Golden Paw People’s Choice Awards Nominees

  1. Voting is open from September 27, 2015 – October 18th @ 11:59pm EST
  2. One (1) vote may be submitted on behalf of per DockDogs Handler ID/username.
  4. In order to submit a nomination you must login with your DockDogs Username/Handler ID at and fill out the form under “Site Announcements”.

Crew Member of the Year

  • Amy Wellins
    • One of the most organized people I have ever met! She always brings her A game and it shows! She is calm, cool, and collective!
    • Amy clearly loves her job. She is always on top of things and extremely organized.
    • Amy is friendly to everyone, calm under stress and she goes above and beyond to make sure events run smooth and efficient. Amy never fails to greet everyone with a smile and genuinely cares about making sure that we all have a great time.
  • Bob Dewire
    • Bob always knows the details about everyone jumping, he makes the event fun for everyone
    • Bob always puts on a first class event. He always, no matter how busy he is, takes time to help a new dog into the water.
    • Bob is well organized and keeps the events running. He is always a friendly face and is happy to help new dogs just joining the sport and excitedly cheers on veteran dogs who have been around.
  • Russ Ryder
    • You can always count that everything will be top notch at his events. He hasnt done many this year; but we have never had a problem ever when he’s been there. He has a great attitude and is always professional at events. He’s the stand out by far.
    • Because everyone knows if Russ is working the event, it’s going to be run right. He keeps things on time (or early!), handles any problems that do come up smoothly and with tact, is fair and fun. His prides himself on his work and makes sure things are done right. He is a always an advocate for dockdogs and keeps a good name for the company.
    • I am nominating Russell because he always goes out of his way to help with anything that is needed. He presents himself in a professional manner and represents DockDogs well. Russell has more than one time went beyond what would be considered his work duties to help teams, clubs and spectators
  • Sean Swearinger
    • He knows the rules, works hard, and does the right thing even when it’s not the popular thing.
    • Always has a positive attitude, willing to help with newcomers, and runs events smoothly.
    • Sean is very efficient. He makes sure the events run smoothly and does a great job as a judge.

Sportsperson of the Year

  • Cindy Cowherd
    • We nominate Cindy year after year because she is what Dockdogs should be about – having fun, doing what is best for our dogs and helping others. She helped to found her club and still works hard to make sure it is the best it can be. And she doesn’t brag about herself.
    • Year after year, Cindy is there promoting Dockdogs and the sport while encouraging new people to get involved. She worked hard to get the MoKan Club established and she continues to make sure that they remain successful and that their events are great. She sets a good example for the rest of us on how to conduct ourselves at events – she cheers for everyone and isn’t afraid of a little hard work. Even though her dog isn’t a big jumper, she still is enthusiastic and has a great attitude. She doesn’t brag about herself or jump on the self-promotion bandwagon like so many other competitors. It’s time she got recognition for how much she has contributed our sport.
  • Gwen Mowery
    • Gwen was very key in saving the Mid Atlantic Regionals at Shipps Corner. She was able to bring together parties from all sides, cut through the drama and passion, and even some negativity from those who should have remained neutral and got the job done. She is the reason Mid Atlantic Regionals happened.
    • The way she rallied the community to make Mid-Atlantic Regionals happen at Shipps Corner was an amazing thing to see. Also since this has been my first year at Dockdogs, she has been super friendly and always willing to help me.
    • She works very hard for her club, and for DockDogs.
  • Jesse Dalton
    • Jesse always is quick to help out, offers to do whatever is needed and cheers for everyone
    • All that he has gone through in the last year. Leaving an established club and starting his own. He is also one of the most helpful people in the Northeast when it comes to improving your team. Definitely deserving of this award
    • Jesse is a Team player. Even if you are directly competing in the same divison as him he will go out of his way to help another team improve. He will never turn anyone down who asks for help, even if that means the other persons dog will jump farther in the long run. He is always there to support local clubs and dockdogs as a whole. Jesse works hard to keep things drama free and positive.
  • Rich Schafer
    • He helps everyone get into the sport and has a great team
    • Great guy always helping me out

Most Exciting Team

  • Crystal McClaran & Yayoh
    • They’ve been amazing to watch as they’ve progressed together.
    • Rescue dog that came from nowhere and she’s blasting in to this sport
  • Jeannie Garcia & Kane
    • Jeannie has worked hard with Kane even though he isn’t her dog. They continue to get better and better and it’s always fun to watch them on the dock.
  • Melanie Lehman and Wilbur
    • Wilbur is awesome.
    • Nothing like a small dog on fire
  • Michon Mills and Inde
    • That dog just flies and is fun to watch
    • That dog can fly
  • Rita Story & Clubber
    • All I need to say here is “Clubber.”
    • Is always excited on any of her dogs jumps, lots of enthusiasm
  • Tim Kinder & Casey
    • Always a lot of energy and you can see the bond between dog and handler on the dock.
    • The Dockdog community may be a little overwhelmed with the excitement that Tim has on the Dock.. BUT WOW the crowd loves it, Tim’s love of the sport is evident when he talks about DockDogs, but when he and Casey step on that Dock it’s magic you never know what to expect it could be a 28 foot jump at any time…

Most Inspiring Team

  • Dani and Jason Orender and Issy
    • At the beginning of the year Issy suddenly stopped jumping solid junior jumps. After a few times of this time it was obvious that there was something serious going on. Unfortunately, Issy is going blind and will be completely blind soon. Despite this, and not being able to see the toy, the water, or the drop, Issy has trusted her mom and dad and jumps. The bond and trust that this takes is amazing and truly an inspiration. Reminds me that it this isn’t about big jump, ribbons or winning…its about the time you have on the dock with your best friend.
    • Issy is losing her eyesight, and the way Dani has gone above & beyond to keep her active and jumping.
  • Jennifer Alcozer & Genie
    • Jennifer has spent the last couple of years watching her mom on the dock. This year, Jennifer decided to compete in Dockdogs with the family dog, Genie. As a special needs adult, Jennifer began practicing before her season began. Not only did Jennifer and Genie work together to earn a novice title, they earned an invitation to World’s! Jennifer and Genie are an inspiration to others and prove that even if you have special needs, you can participate in Dockdogs!
    • I have watched Jennifer over the years come to events with her mom, because of her special needs and some other issues she always just hangs out, this year she has over come some of her fears and is now competing with her dog and even received an invite to worlds
  • Rebecca Atkinson Grove and Jazzy
    • Even with Jazzy’s neurologic condition, she continues to have enthusiasm and her Mom is right there with her every step of the way.
    • I remember when I first meet Jazz, the kiss giving pitty, and she fell in love with jumping off the dock. Rebecca and Chuck adopted her in August 2013 and she continued to excel in the sport. Jazz has been diagnosed with a fast moving fatal degenerative disease. She still loves and has the drive for the sport and Rebecca is carefully making sure she says safe and enjoys the sport.
  • Rod Neimer & Dizzy Dog
    • Dizzy is an inspiration to us all. Rod and Tammie have put alot of time energy and love into that pup!
    • Rod has taken this “special needs” dog and worked with him and brought him from a dog who knows nothing about dock diving to one who actually jumps off the dock. Watching those two together is the epitome of inspiring.
    • Well lets see if I can get through this without crying all over the place. I mentioned above in the sportsmanship nomination that this was by far my most favorite team to watch rock the dock. Dizzy is a special needs dog and has some vision and skin issues that really most people including almost all veterinarians would have suggested you put that dog down as a puppy. But luckily for the DockDog world Rod could not do such a thing. He said maybe water therapy will help this dog? So now we get to watch the Prancer as like to call him sometimes get up there with Rod and I still don’t think any dog is happier on that dock then Dizzy. He starts hopping around and running circles around Rod. It bring a smile to all the competitors faces and I think he gets more cheers then any dog I have ever seen. I know sometime Dizzy doesn’t jump and that’s ok because he always seems happy up there and for my money I would rather see Dizzy jump around and do circles around Rod over seeing Casey jump far or Griz jump high or Remi go fast or Bo put on show in all three, no for my money I would rather see Dizzy and Rod have fun.

Best DockDogs Cheerleader

  • Debra Mittelsteadt
    • Debra has traveled the southeast to attend events even if she wasn’t competing herself. When she is at an event, she will chip in and help the club any way she can and she cheers for every single team on the dock as loud as only Debra can 🙂
    • I think she loses her voice at every event cheering for others and my dog loves it when she yells for him:)
  • Jana Turchin
  • Jay Harris
    • Jay is always cheering and rooting everyone on.
    • Because he is “Mr. Get Excited.” He always cheers for everyone from newbies to veterans.
  • Matt Bohn
    • Matt is such a happy guy! Even if he doesn’t know you he will be finding out your name and cheering you on. He brings great excitement to every event he is part of!
    • Matt is a great cheerleader and will cheer for any and all teams regardless if he knows them or not.
  • Mikki Douglas
    • Mikki is the best cheerleader because she is always positive and genuinely happy for the success of her fellow competitors. She is supportive not only in person, but also on social media.
    • Mikkie is so positive and cheers for everyone! She is truly happy for the successes of her fellow competitors.

Favorite Announcer

  • Aaron Pippin
    • Aaron was at a few events that I went to this year and he is such a hard worker. He also likes to know each competitor so that he can tell a little about them when they are on the dock. He is such a genuinely nice person.
    • Aaron is new to Dockdogs this year, but he really did a great job announcing from the very beginning. He also tries to gather a few facts about each team and that really makes a difference.
  • Bob Dewire
    • Bob has a great voice, keeps the events interesting with his intros and information he shares with the crowd.
    • Bob makes the event fun for the entire family
  • Russ Ryder
    • Russ is amazing on the mic at events. He takes the time to learn about the different teams in attendance and makes his comments unique to the team on the dock in the moment.
    • He announces what’s important! He pulls the crowd in and keeps them engaged. He’s never dull on the mic. He makes the crowd laugh and keeps everyone informed. And he just has a great announcing voice!
  • Scott Heaton
    • I enjoy Scott’s sense of humor, and like that he finds a few competitors each weekend that can take a ribbing and have fun with them while they are on the dock.
    • I have only heard him 1 time and the was at the North Central Regionals in KY. Wow he was announcing both docks better then I had heard anyone do 1 dock. he would get out each reaction time and final time in speed and dueling while somehow saying the BA scores at the same time but it was clear and easy to follow and what a voice. He’s the best period!

Favorite Event

  • Codorus Blast
  • GoPro Mountain Games
  • K9 Karnival
  • Lumberjack Feud
  • North Central Regional Championships

Most Improved Team

  • Brad Hawks & Cecil
    • Brad and Cecil have come out of their shell this year. They have paid attention to what they have needed to work on and they did. This team went from being a junior jumping team to now competing in all disiplines and recieving world invites for them all.
    • “Brad and Cecil have really formed as a team this year showing improvements in ALL disciplines including Iron Dog. The two of them are totally synced up on and off the dock. The two will be making the trip the world’s with 4 invites! I can’t wait to see what this team does next year!”
  • Jennifer Davis & Echo
    • I have competed against and watched this team swiftly move up in the rankings. Jennifer is gracious competitor and Echo adds comic relief.
    • They just keep rocking it on the dock and improving!
  • Jenny Beadling & Hooch
    • From a dog that would only do a standing jump of 8 feet to qualifying for worlds in the Elite Division. The amount of effort and time the Beadling’s put towards Hooch goes to show the level of competition they wish to compete in.
    • Hooch started this season plopping about 8 ft in the air….and 6 ft out in the water. Then she taught him EV. He quickly picked up EV winning Cadet in several events, but it was that skill that made him realize what he could do in Big Air. The little GSP went from 6 ft, to 15 ft, to 18 ft, to 21 ft, and is now jumping consistent 24’s all in about three months time.
  • Kristen Collingsworth & Hoff
    • I have watched this team at many event they are constantly learning and improving as a team, Not only have they improved their Big Air and Extreme Vertical scores but they have improved their knowledge of the sport and have used that knowledge to help others and help people get involved in the sport
    • They have continuously improved throughout 2015 including beginning to participate in EV
  • Kristen Hanscom & Hattie
    • Kristen was wanting to give up last year because Hattie didn’t even seem like she wanted to jump. This year she is doing Iron Dog!!
    • Hattie has become a strong and consistent jumper over the season.