Canadian Regional Championship Post Social Event “After Party” Hosted by DockDogs TV and Jim Zelasko

DockDogs TV by Precise Video Pro


Hello Canadian Regionals Participants! Jim Zelasko here from DockDogs TV. I hear that we have a shy group at the Canadian Regionals and that no DockDogs Has Talent competition is going to be held. That makes me sad. So I talked with the DockDogs office and they’ve given me the green light for another DockDogs TV After Party!

Here’s the plan… I’ll bring the tunes and if you’ve registered for the Saturday Night Social you can join in the barbecue, beverages, and karaoke!

Meet me at 6PM Saturday night over where the competitors with campers are parked. Jim and the DockDogs staff will get it all set up! Make sure you bring that Canadian fun that I’ve experienced time and time again.
time and time again!