2015 GOLDEN PAW AWARDS Presented by Blue Buffalo


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Wow what a year the 2015 program has been. As we are closing in on the end of yet another great season of the DockDogs® busy calendar, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you, your Family and Friends, and supportive cheerleaders to join us in celebrating the memories and achievements of the 2015 DockDogs® season!

As we reflect back, the year-end celebrations have evolved into what we now refer to as “The Golden Paw Awards” Gala event, an annual celebration that should not be missed by anyone.  This year the program will once again include the Road to Worlds video coverage from various events, special moments along the way, and of course the lifestyle and community spirit coverage we all have come to enjoy so much.

The Golden Paw Awards Gala is the one time of the year where we don our Semi Formal/Formal attire and turn our attention to celebrating both the Year End Ranking Awards, and the coveted Peoples Choice Awards.

This year we are fortunate to include the return of the BAARK Foundation’s Silent Auction at the Blue Buffalo pre-function gathering.  This is a great fundraising event for a cause that works extremely hard in providing much needed assistance to members throughout the DockDogs® Worldwide community in various ways.  From what I am being told, there are some very unique Gift baskets being donated by the Affiliate Clubs along with many other great items up for bid.

One extra little note is that we will also be announcing and launching our new community spirit initiative and each person attending the Gala will receive a special little take home surprise that we look forward to seeing all year long.  Either way the 2015 Golden Paw Awards Gala being presented by Blue Buffalo is once again going to be the crescendo event of the year and set the stage for 2016.

Whether you are competing at the World Championships this year as a first timer, or you have participated in the past or at one of the 300+ DockDogs® sanctioned events over the 2015 season, we invite you to join us at the annual DockDogs® Golden Paws Awards Gala.

I hope to see you there!


Grant Reeves
DockDogs® Worldwide