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Welcome to DockDogs…

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  • Radio DockDogs Episode 77 – Dubuque, Here We Come!

    Dog Voting Booth
    Radio DockDogs Episode 77 launches soundwaves onto the airwaves and in this episode we’re receiving updates from Tom Feist regarding The Proof Booth and Booth Bucks pre-sale at the 2014 DockDogs World Championships followed by a chat with Tina McLaughlin, Executive Director of The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation, Inc regarding Monte Carlo Night.… read more →
  • Radio DockDogs Episode 76 – DockDogs Leaps Forward in Web!

    Dog Using Laptop
        Radio DockDogs Episode 76 rolls in with an incredibly informative interview with Grant Reeves, CEO of DockDogs as he discusses the features of the new MyDockDogs Dashboard, the registration and event management platform launched this week! Tune in to hear about the application, the new website here on… read more →
  • DockDogs Helps – Sign in to New Registration System Using Handler ID (Tutorial)

    DockDogs Helps – Signing Into New Registration System Using Your Handler ID Important Notes Your Handler ID is case sensitive and always begins with a capital H followed by 6 numbers When prompted to set your username please note the following important details: Your username cannot contain spaces Your username cannot be changed, please… read more →


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