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2013 DockDogs People's Choice Awards Nominees Descriptions

2013 DockDogs People's Choice Awards Nominees Descriptions

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Published by dockdogs
DockDogs People's Choice Award Nominees
DockDogs People's Choice Award Nominees

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Published by: dockdogs on Sep 30, 2013
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Crew Member of the Year 
Bob DeWire
He always has lots of positive things to say when he's announcing....and he is alwaysavailable to answer questions and help out. He is quick to respond to any issues or problems that arise during an event and always with a smile!
Carole Fremouw
Carole is the epitome of professionalism. She is ultra-organized, and makes our eventsrun very smoothly. She is able to stay calm under the most harrowing of circumstances,and always has a big smile! She is a joy to work with and if she’s at the table, we knowwe’re going to have a great event!
Jake Bull
 Always eager to help everyone, good attitude, and just a overall great guy.
Ray Weathers
We love events that Ray is working because he has fun but still runs everything efficientand on-time. He always helps everyone and is friendly to the newbies. He also alwayslistens to our concerns and tries to fix whatever is wrong.
Russ Ryder 
This is a tough one to choose, because there are so many great dockdogs crewmembers. I've chosen Russ for his enthusiasm and professionalism. He is a true asset tothe dockdogs community.”
Ryan Larkins
He is a well rounded, respected person with a dedicated work ethic. I am sure I couldwrite a lengthy he is wonderful letter but, if you asked me to write something negativeabout him I would be stumped.
Sportsperson of the Year 
Cindy Cowherd
Cindy is such a good sport! She not only knows the rules, but helps to keep themenforced - but remains everyone's biggest cheerleader. She has always worked so hardto keep her Club running smooth and raises a lot of money for Chase. Cindy is humbleand gracious (unlike many of the current "dockstars" who are all about self-promotion andgetting their faces in the media), and she deserves to be recognized!!!
Dave Skoletsky
Dave is such a humble individual, you would never know he has one of the greatest dogsin the sport, but when he was willing to help Crystal McClaran with Bo at the Eukunuba jump in Florida that showed what a great sportsperson he really is. He was willing to help
another competitor at EV to go on and beat him, and he watched with a smile and washappy that she was able to do so, there are very few and far in between that wouldsomething like that.
Lise Strum
Olympic Swimmer Amy Van Dyken said " Not everyone wins all the time, as a matter of fact, no one wins all the time. You learn a lot about sportsmanship. I mean, it's reallytough to shake the hand of someone who just beat you, and it's even harder to do it witha smile.” Lise Strum demonstrates this level of sportsmanship. She always shakes thehand of those that won, with a smile on her face. She helps encourage and coach thosein need and is a good ambassador for the sport.
Tom Dropik
Very friendly guy that is passionate about the sport. Even though he has big jumpingdogs and big name sponsors, he never forgets about the "little guy" and is always willingto treat people as equals no matter their skill level.
Tony Lampert
Being from the midwest, I have gotten to know Tony pretty well. This year has stood outto me the most. When Big Griz started jumping this year, I watched Tony and Grizdeveloped from Griz just falling into the pool to setting a world record. At EasternRegional Championships, Tony wouldn't allow his dog to compete at a Novice levelknowing Griz would blow his competition away. Instead he made sure Griz competed atan Elite level. Griz actually didn't end up getting an invite in Big Air, but Tony just smiledand said he would keep trying. You can always find Tony standing next to the poolcheering everyone on giving advice and insight where he can.
Most Exciting Team
Crystal McClaren & Bo
Bo and Crystal are awesome and always gets the crowds on their feet and amazeeveryone.
Jay Harris & Sir Harley
How can you not be excited when Jay Harris is in the house! He's got a TON of energyand it radiates to everyone he meets! And he's passionate about K9 Cancer!
Jesse Dalton & Taho
Such a great team! Taho in my eyes is the most exciting dog to watch.... he jumps far and farther and you know how when he may start to flip or twist his body to get that toy.He jumps so far with the best most extreme form. Even time I hear their team announcedI make my way to watch them and always tell people to do the same.
Pam Sheets & Brooklyn
Pam and Brooklyn had a breakout year! They gave everyone goosebumps at the LongBeach event when they made a clean sweep and came in first in EVERYTHING – Big Air,Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog! EV was particularly exciting for thisyoung chocolate lab since it was only her second time doing it . . . and she hit 7-feet!They had the crowd and fellow handlers cheering them on! Pam and Brooklyn are 2-timeWorld invitees and will no doubt wow the crowd again in Dubuque!
Tony Lampert & Griz
Watching Griz hit those big jumps and tie that EV record at 8'4" in Libertyville wasamazing . . . class act with a professional appearance that really engages the crowd
Most Inspiring Team
Dave Skoletsky & Yeager 
He inspires me to do better in life. How he supports Down Syndrome. He raises moneyfor his daughter.
Eve Skoletsky & Boo
Eve is such a sweet wonderful little girl who is up on the dock showing that nothing canhold you back no matter the circumstances!
Linda Hettich & Tessa
Diagnosed 5 years ago with cancer, Tessa has come back to show she’s a big air  jumping, speed swimming, high flyin girl! Continuing to win the fight against cancer, at theage of 8, during the 2012 Worlds championship, she won TWO World championship titles.One with Randy in the Master division, and then a 2nd exciting win with Linda in theVeteran division and achieved a personal best of 24.03. In 2013 at the age of 9, she wonEV Cadet at Western Regionals in a very exciting jump off and earned an invite to Worlds.This year Tessa has earned FIVE titles jumping with Linda, Randy and Quinn (2 Iron DogTitans, EV Cadet, Elite and Senior). This is one girl you don’t ever want to count out!
Missy Gordon & Libby
Libby is a little dog is a BIG package! Her mama fights for our country and is alwaysdoing her best with her girl, Libby!
Shannon Conner & Bella
Most teams that win these awards stand out because their "story" gets told loudly but thisone is something many not have seen unless you know this team. Shannon isn't one tocomplain, she's not one to be the "look at me" type on or off the dock, she just does her best and enjoys her time with Bella on the dock. Sometimes what is inspiring isn't thething that everyone HEARS but what one SEES and I believe that Shannon and BellaSHOW where their heart is and what this sport is all about! I believe there isn't a moredeserving team.
Sue Barnes & Tanner 
Sue Barnes has been the around the sport for a long time, and her dog Tanner the 14+year old GSP is still got it goin’ on. He is so awesome to watch on the dock when he stillpops up in the air. He may not go as far but he still has it going on. He just looks sohappy to still be up there with Sue.
Most Improved Team
Becky Berger & Twister 
I have watched Becky and Twister develop into an Elite team soon to be Super Elite.Becky has worked extremely hard at making sure Twister's sit stay is solid and isconstantly working on her "perfect throw" This dog has so much potential and Beckyrecognizes that. She works at making sure he is the best every time they step on thedock.
Cassie Swift & Kona
They started last year with a 9' jump then went to worlds now it ranked in the top 20 inthe world pretty cool that doesn't happen with every dog
Jesse Dalton & Taho

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