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2013 DockDogs Rules & Policies Summary of Changes

December 20th, 2012 | Posted by Brian King in General | Rules Committee

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It’s that time of the year… The 2013 DockDogs Rules and Polices are ready and will go into effect January 1, 2013. We’ve included a summary of the changes to the rules for a quick reference; please make sure that you take a few minutes to review all of the changes! Thank you to all of the incredible volunteers from the DockDogs® Affiliated Club program that came together in Florida for 3 days of meetings to help develop the new rules and policies, make sure you pat your representatives and club members on the back for their dedication. We’d also like to thank Aqua Dog Sports & SunCoast DockDogs for their help in organizing the event! You can download the full 2013 DockDogs Rules & Policies online at DockDogs® Rules & Policies [PDF]. 

Regionals Qualifying – Regional Championships will now follow the same Finals Qualifying process as World’s – Teams do not “jump out” of their division during qualifying rounds for Finals Selection.

World’s Qualifying –

  • Facility Series – will now take top 2 ranked teams / division.
  • If a team earns a title within a higher division then that which they earned their 2013 DockDogs® World Championship invite, then they will be required to compete within the division they are “currently titled” at the start of the World Championship Event. (Club titles are only considered in the absence of a National Title within the applicable discipline)
  • Overall Rankings take into consideration a team’s (5) best scores (including Finals) within Big Air, and the team’s (3) best scores within Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog to date. The top (4) ranked teams within each Division in each Discipline (including Specialty Divisions) will receive an invitation to the 2013 DockDogs® World Championships, as long as a team isn’t titled higher than their ranking.

Changed the term “Ribbons” to “Awards” throughout the document.

Changed the term “Regional” in relation to clubs to “Club” throughout the document.

Article II.  General Rules & Event Guidelines

Section 2.02

(a)   Competition Team

(xi)          Changed – 1) Membership Fees to $40/team (January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013)

Removed – 2) Handlers with multiple dogs and reference to Additional teams.

(d) Collars, Leashes & Vests – Added (material only) Martingale type collars are permitted on the dock.

(f) Breeds

(v)  Changed – In order for a particular Breed to be recognized for ranking & award considerations there must be a minimum of 10 different active teams within that breed that are ranked nationally within the current season.

(g) Youth Handler Teams

(v)   Changed – Any Youth Handler in competition must be able to control the competing dog at all times.  The handler of a dog that is out of control may be excused by the Judge or the Event Manager.  It is the responsibility of the Youth Handler’s parent/guardian, to ensure this requirement is met (i.e. if necessary, the Youth Handler MUST have a parent/guardian with them while in line or while going to and from the dock and/or up & down from the dock).

(h) Veteran Dogs

(i)   Changed – Updated Veteran Dog Class to 8 – 10 yrs of age.
(viii) Removed reference to additional class of Legend Dogs

(i)             Added – Legend Dogs – and applicable verbiage.

Added – Reference to Hero division rankings as long as minimum of 10 different active teams are ranked Nationally for the current season.

(j) Lap Dogs

(i)  Changed – A measuring device is included in every Admin kit and available for use if a question arises concerning a particular dog at an event.

 Section 2.03   The Venue
(c)   Added – The Pool/Body of Water

(i)    Dimensions:  The pool/body of water should be a minimum of (20) feet wide by (40) feet long.

(d)    Added –  The Competition Area

(i) Smoking is not permitted within the DockDogs competition area (this is exclusive of the kenneling area).

Section 2.04   Competition Flow

(d)   (i) Changed – from (90) seconds on the dock to complete a turn in Big Air to (60) seconds on the dock.

Added – verbiage regarding verbal warning at (30) seconds in the case that the dock clock is inoperable.

Section 2.06   Event Registration

(a)    Pre-Registration

(ii)   Changed– Active worldwide members will be provided an opportunity to pre-register for each event (for an allotted period of time) prior to pre-registration opening up to inactive teams (non worldwide members).

(b)    On-site Registration  – Added – An onsite proxy is not permitted.

(v)   Added – Onsite registrations will be available on a first come first serve bases in one of the following formats at each National and Club Event:

  1. Teams can register for any waves of the event on any given day, based on availability.
  2. Teams can only register for waves of that day, based on availability.

(e)  Acceptance of Awards

Changed – Handlers will be required to furnish their Social Security Number via a W-9 form onsite at the DockDogs® administration table prior to close of the event in order that DockDogs® may report any winnings to the appropriate parties accordingly.

(i)  Changed – DockDogs credits will only be issued to winning teams that are active DockDogs Worldwide Members prior to close of the event.  Awards will not be mailed.

Section 2.07   DockDogs Credits – Added full section

Article III.  DockDogs® Big Air®

Section 3.03  Competition Flow

(b)   National Level Formats

(i)  Changed – removed reference to World Championship [it is already noted in point (ii)]

Section 3.04   Scoring Procedure, Passing and Resolving Ties

(a)   Scoring

(ii) Scoring – 1) Changed – from (90) seconds on the dock to complete a turn in Big Air to (60)seconds on the dock.

Section 3.05   Big Air Finals Rounds

(c)  Club Divisional Finals (changed)

(ii)        Changed – Qualifying criteria for Club Divisional Finals should be based on the highest of the following: Top score from that event or Club title.

Section 3.06   Divisions, Awards & Titles

(b)   Awards  –

(i)  Monetary Prizes

6)  Changed –  In the event that the scheduled Finals can not be run, the corresponding awards/prizing will be decided using the latest Big Air® Bubble.

(ii)           Divisional Awards

1)  Changed – All competing Teams shall be ranked in each wave within each Division for both national and club/affiliate events.

3)  Changed – Removed points a), b) and c)

(iii)          Other Awards

1)  Changed – Placement Awards shall be given to Teams who achieve a score in the Big Air® Finals.

(c)   Titles  (below was added to each Discipline’s section accordingly)

(vi) Petitioning the Committee for Review of Current Titles

1)  (b)    Added – National title reductions will be based on National event data and Club title reductions will be based on Club event data.

3)     Added – Taking effect in the 2014 Season – If the petition is successful, and the team continues to achieve scores within higher divisions than their newly lowered title, those scores will count towards legs for titles in those higher divisions and could result in retitling in a higher division.

Article IV.  DockDogs® Extreme VerticalTM

Section 4.02  Rules & Equipment Specific to Extreme Vertical

(b) Object

(iv) Added – A handler cannot touch the extreme vertical extender/apparatus for any reason during either practice or competition.

(c)  Start Height – (iii) & (iv) Changed – Top Gun & High Flyer teams now have the opportunity to take attempts at (2) heights below their Divisional Heights of 6’ and 7’ respectively.

Section 4.03  Competition Flow

(d)   Added – Upon a failed attempt and once the dog has exited the pool, the team has (30) seconds between attempts to reset themselves on the dock.

Section 4.04  Scoring

(c)   Ties     Changed – If there is an unbroken tie the teams shall be awarded the same placement in competition and the extra required award will be sent from the Office.

Section 4.05  Awards

(b)    (i)  Monetary Prizes

3)             Changed –  If there is an unbroken tie For example a tie for 2nd place, the prize money for 2nd & 3rd place will be combined and divided equally among the tied teams.  The next team will not be awarded a 3rd place finish and therefore will not receive any 3rd place prizing/awards.  In the case of a tie for 3rd place, any prize money would be combined & divided equally among the tied teams and the next team would not be awarded 4th place.

(ii)  Regular Finals/Wave Awards

1)  Added – Finals Placement awards will be awarded to the Top 3 Overall Teams, with the remaining teams being awarded at the wave level per their titled division.

(iii)  Divisional Finals/Wave Awards

1)  Changed – All competing Teams shall be ranked within each Division for both national & club/affiliate events where Divisional Finals Format is being followed.

2)  Placement awards shall be give to Teams who place in the Top Three (3) in each division.

3)  Competitor awards shall be given to all Teams who successfully achieved a catch in competition.

Article V.  DockDogs® Speed RetrieveTM

 Section 5.02  Rules & Equipment Specific to Speed Retrieve

(a) Teams

ii)  Added – At events where there is only one round of Speed Retrieve, two handlers can compete in that same wave with the same dog; but only in the case where one of the handlers is registered and competing in Iron Dog with that dog at that event; and the Iron Dog team in the “two handler” situation will not earn Speed Retrieve standings, awards or purse prizing as their score is solely for the purposes of Iron Dog Points at that event, Worldwide titles and rankings.

Section 5.03  Competition Flow

(c) Added – At events where there is only one (1) qualifying round it will be run as an all in one Finals round.

(d)    Added – In the case of events with multiple qualifying rounds a separate Speed Retrieve Finals round will be held.

Section 5.05  Divisions, Awards & Titles

(b)    Awards

(i)   Monetary Prizes

1) Added – with the exception of the case of the team that is participating in the all in one round of Speed Retrieve for Iron Dog points purposes only.  (see Section 5.02 (a) (ii) for full explanation)

   (ii)  Finals/Wave Placement Awards

1)  Changed – Finals Placement awards will be awarded to the Top 3 Overall Teams, with the remaining teams being awarded at the wave level per their titled divisions; with the exception of the case of the team that is participating in the all in one round of Speed Retrieve for Iron Dog points purposes only. (see Section 5.02 (a) (ii) for full explanation)

Article VI.  DockDogs® Iron Dog

Section 6.02  Rules & Equipment Specific to Speed Retrieve

(d)  Affiliate Club Events Iron Dog

(i)  Changed – reworded for present tense.

Section 6.03  Divisions & Monetary Prizes

(a) Added – details on 2014 Season introduction of New Iron Dog Division – Spartan and the new divisional breakdowns.

Article IX.  Misconduct and Protest Policy & Procedures

 Section 9.03  Disciplinary Action

(d)   Filing a Protest

(v)  Changed – If the competitor’s protest is confirmed by the DockDogs office & Rules Committee, and the ruling reversed, such fee will be returned.

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