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Radio Listing

Radio DockDogs Episode 137 - Team Hawaiian Chaos

April, 27 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 137 is here with an interview featuring Cassie Swift from Utah as she shares about all of the many members of Team Hawaiian Chaos. Tune in today! [powerpressRADIO DockDogs E137 4-27-16]

Radio DockDogs Episode 136 - Live with Delmarva DockDogs

April, 21 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 136 has just hit the airwaves as Jim Zelasko brings interviews in from the Delmarva DockDogs "Unleashed at Pooch Palooza".   [powerpressRADIO DockDogs E136 4-20-16]

Radio DockDogs Episode 135 - The Need For Speed

April, 13 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 135 is here as Jim Zelasko chats with Tom Dropik, a Blue Buffalo DockDogs Team Ambassador. Tom has been in DockDogs since the very beginning and has a ton of great advice for new and old teams alike, we hope you enjoy the program! We're also very excited to announce the winn ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 134 - Visiting Florida!

April, 6 2016
Tune in for Radio DockDogs Episode 134 as Jim & Jennifer Zelasko co-host remotely from Florida with guest Vicki Tighe, Director of DockDogs Affiliated Programs. After that we get the opportunity to hear from Kylan, a youth handler out of Minnesota that is a self proclaimed DockDogs junkie at 10 ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 133 - Brianne Durham & Brian Beadling Bonus Episode

March, 24 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 133 is here with our 2nd Bonus Episode! Tune in to hear from Brianne Durham & Brian Beadling as they share their stories about getting involved in DockDogs, their accomplishments and much more!   [powerpressRADIO DockDogs E133 3-24-16]

Radio DockDogs Episode 132 - From Mo-Kan to the Carolinas

March, 23 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 132 is here with two great interviews from Molly Johnson, a Blue Buffalo DockDogs Team Ambassador and member of Mo-Kan DockDogs and Timothy Lake from Carolina DockDogs! Talk about excitement in this episode with these two handlers sharing about their teams, their clubs and m ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 131 - Bonus Episode

March, 17 2016
Radio DockDogs episode 131 is here with our 1st ever BONUS EPISODE! No need to feel confused about the release of 2 episodes in a single week, we're just overflowing with Super Elite details and could not possibly wait to tell you about them. If you haven't listed to Radio DockDogs Episode 130 yet, ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 130 - Bringing 41% More Play with Glyco FLEX

March, 16 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 130 is here and we've got an exciting episode to share with you today so you definitely do not want to miss out. Tune in to hear from Adrienne at Glyco FLEX about their plans for the 2016 season and much more. You can hear the excitement and passion behind DockDogs and the Ve ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 129 - Affiliates & More

March, 9 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 129 - Affiliates & More is here as Jim Zelasko interviews Vicki Tighe, Director of DockDogs Affiliated Clubs and Facilities. Tune in to catch up with Vicki for the latest news on new Affiliated Clubs & Sanctioned Facilities and hear about some of the exciting events co ...