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Radio Listing

Radio DockDogs Episode 155

October, 20 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 155 is here and it's getting exciting as we lead up to the 2016 DockDogs World Championships. With that it's getting very busy here in the DockDogs HQ office and with our various planning committees, the Golden Paw Awards & World Championships is going to be extra special ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 154 - World Championship Excitement

October, 12 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 154 is here with more exciting news coming from an interview with Grant Reeves, CEO of DockDogs sharing more info about the 2016 DockDogs World Championships! We're also excited to announce that the Car Window Decorating Contest prize has even more at stakes this year with $2 ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 153 - DockDogs Hall of Fame

October, 5 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 153 is here with an interview with Tom Dropik, a member of the DockDogs Hall of Fame committee. We're excited to have a lot of coverage of the upcoming DockDogs World Championships in Dubuque, IA this November. We've summarized a few points from the show below, but be sure ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 152 - Dueling Dogs in Canada & DockDogs in Ohio

September, 29 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 152 is here with this week's bonus episode! Tune in to hear from some of our guest hosts to Radio DockDogs with coverage from the K9 Fun Zone Dueling Dogs event and the Buckeye DockDogs event in Columbus, OH "Cabela's Dog Days of Summer". Be sure to tune into Episode 151 in c ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 151 - World Championships and Golden Paw Awards News

September, 28 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 151 is here after a short hiatus due to Jim Zelasko catching a summer cold and losing his voice. We'll be making it up to you with some bonus Radio DockDogs episodes coming soon, stay tuned to the DockDogs Facebook and here on the DockDogs Website. We're excited to have a lot ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 150 - Indian Creek K9 Aquatics

August, 31 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 150 is here reminding you it's definitely TIME TO GET EXCITED! Jim interviews Mr. & Mrs. Excitement themselves, Jay & Deb Harris of Carolina DockDogs. They're thrilled to announce that they're the newest addition to the DockDogs Sanctioned Training Facilities program ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 149 - New Partnerships and DockDogs Australia

August, 24 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 149 is here with two excellent interviews featuring Trudi from DockDogs Australia who is here in the United States receiving some training on event processing at some live events. The second interview features Jesse Dalton, CEO of The Upbeat K9 - DockDogs newest partner. Lear ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 148 - Midwest Regionals & Dueling Dogs at Dog Days

August, 10 2016
Radio DockDogs Episode 148 is here with interviews from the Dueling Dogs event in Osage Beach, MO at Dog Days Bar & Grill as well as the DockDogs Midwest Regional Championships. Two events must mean two hosts, right? Yes, you got it! Tune in to hear from Guest Radio DockDogs Host Ben Propson fro ...

Radio DockDogs Episode 147 - Challenge Round

August, 4 2016
Tune in to Radio DockDogs Episode 147 to hear about the Dueling Dogs event at Tin Woof Inn and much more! If you're looking for an upcoming Dueling Dogs event, don't forget to check out the upcoming Dueling Dogs events schedule and pre-register today. Dueling Dogs at Clark County Fair - 8/5 - 8/7 ...