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Father’s Day Credits Sale

Radio DockDogs® Episode 170

Can you guys get excited?! This episode we feature DockDogs® Australia’s own Farmer Dave! I sat down with Dave and we talked about Dogs in our lives, the differences between Australia and the US, and how he plans on expanding the sport in the land down under! Tune in for Radio DockDogs® now!

Radio DockDogs® Episode 169

The DockDogs® season is now heading into the full swing of things! Tim Lake catches up with Matt Bohn of The Upbeat K9 and Buckeye DockDogs and talks about his recent success at the Dueling Dogs World Championships, Setting a new Guiness World Record, and what their plans are this season! Tune in for Radio DockDogs® now!

2nd Annual Bark at Noah’s Ark

Exactly one year ago I sat down to write a letter explaining the mission of the Bark at Noah’s Ark event and the connections that we make along the way. This is how that letter began…

“Two by Two. That is how the animals came unto the Ark.”

This is an important message, not just for Noah and his family; I believe this is the resounding theme of the DockDogs Community. Each of us has a person who reached out to us when we started in this sport. A person you will never forget. Even if it was something as simple as handing you a poop bag when you stood in line and your dog chose the wrong time to relieve him or herself, or the person who got into the pool and helped your dog jump for the first time, or maybe the person who dried your tears when your dog crossed the rainbow bridge, or the person who lit the fire of excitement about dogs jumping into the water. We cannot do this alone, this life thing.
Two by Two.

This year, we as a community, seek to affirm and clarify our mission and welcome new connections.

We believe in the collective power of our community to foster support and reassurance for a child with both immediate and long term physical and developmental needs.

Noah has grown and changed a great deal in the past year. He is walking, or should we say, running everywhere he goes. He wears orthotics, (shoes and braces) to stabilize his posture and balance. Jay says “Noah is a very determined child…if he wants something he IS going to get it”.

Mama Deb, Papa Jay and Noah have settled into somewhat of a routine, always with Noah at the center of all the activity. His most immediate goal is to overcome the feeding and speech challenges he faces as a consequence of his extreme prematurity. He is still dependent upon nightly formula feedings via a gastric tube,
or a “button” in his stomach due to short gut syndrome. To complicate matters, he never learned to suck, eat and swallow as an infant, making eating by mouth a bite-by-bite struggle. Some days, Deb says “It can take me 30-45 minutes to get him to eat just a few bites of grits”. Noah receives some type of Physical, Occupational,
Speech or Play therapy every day of the week. Each of these disciplines has the same short term goal for Noah; 100% feeding by mouth and improving his language skills.

While Noah’s feeding and language development are important for Noah’s immediate future, he also faces other hurdles in his life. Deb estimates that he is developmentally about the age of a 15 to 18 month old toddler. He babbles, enjoys watching visually active cartoons and though he puts everything in his mouth, he rarely swallows! He loves to play with soft toys and his Tupperware shape sorter, but his very favorite toy is a BALL. It really doesn’t matter to Noah what kind of ball, any type, size or color will do just fine.

The Second Annual Bark at Noah’s Ark DockDogs event will be held to support, primarily, Noah’s long-term goal of living a strong and independent life. We hope you will consider joining us by attending this Grand event and being a part of the celebration of our journey in this life together. If you cannot be in attendance, please join us from afar by viewing and participating in the Loudest Silent Auction Ever. We hope that this event will be bigger and better than last year’s, and a preview of many more to come in the future.

We cannot do this alone, this life thing.

Two by Two.

Sincerely Grateful,

Laurie Uebelhoer,

Secretary, Carolina DockDogs

2nd Annual Bark at Noahs Ark Flyer


Onsite camping is AVAILABLE for this event!

  • Full size RVs, tents
  • Fill water tank ($10 donation)
  • Shower in campground ($10 donation)
  • Bring towels and toiletries
  • 2 porta potties in camping area
  • Camp for the weekend ($25 donation)
  • *ALL donations go to the Noah Trust Fund

Please contact Jay Harris for reservations:


Tango on the Dock with DockDogs®

Have you witnessed a dock diving event in or around New York? If yes is your answer, chances are you have seen Tango in action! It’s even possible that you are one of Tango’s 27.5k followers on Instagram (@tangomunch_pitbull). Upon visiting Tango’s Instagram, you’ll notice various dock diving photos and videos from DockDogs® events dating back to 2015. His popularity is increasing both on and off the dock, an obvious reason for this being that Tango is a natural entertainer, fueled by his exuberant friends, fans and Blue Buffalo. DockDogs® went straight to the source, Tango’s handler, Chris, to find out more numbers on Team Tango and how they started their DockDogs® careeer.

Who is Tango?

Tango is a talented, outgoing and loving pitbull from Long Island, New York. After browsing animal videos online, as many of us do, his favorite human, Chris, stumbled upon the sport of dock diving. Immediately, Chris knew Tango would enjoy it. What Chris may not have known is exactly how much Tango would flourish in the sport.

In August of 2015, Team Tango took to the dock at their first DockDogs® event, the Dutchess County Fair. Nerves? What are those?! Chris says, “Tango had no hesitation jumping into the pool! He was a natural and continued to jump bigger throughout the competition.” On the dock, Tango demonstrated a sit stay and obedient manner that many first-time dogs do not possess.

According to DockDogs® HQ, Team Tango’s first recorded jump of a 14’5”, landed Tango in the Junior Division, surpassing the Novice Division in the competition in Rhinebeck, New York. With each competition wave that followed, nearly a foot of improvement came with it. Chris and Tango left the event and took home a personal best of 19’4”. They were only one Senior jump away from earning a Senior Title.

In July of 2016, only four events into Tango’s dock diving career, Tango landed a 21’5! By the end of the 2016 DockDogs® season, Team Tango had jumped their way to a Master title. Currently, Tango’s Big Air Personal Best is 23’5”. For more on Team Tango, check out the interview with Chris below!

Follow Tango today!

Team Tango on Training

Q: Does your team train/practice? If so, how?
A: Fetch to practice Tango’s sit/stay, and swimming by the nearby lake! If we are unable to train at the park, we take a long walk around the neighborhood to get his muscles moving.

Q: What is Tango’s favorite training exercise?
A: Fetch! Tango is never too tired for a round of fetch!

Q: How does Tango keep busy in the off season?
A: Balance training to practice his obedience if the weather isn’t nice enough to go to the park. Tango loves vegetables and during the offseason he eats plenty of carrots and kale sticks!

Where to Catch Team Tango this Season!

Q: Do you have any DockDogs® events on your schedule for the 2018 season? Or plan on attending specific ones?
A: Yes! We will be attending the NY Sportsman Expo in Syracuse later this month to hopefully score a wildcard! We have a few others on the calendar as well. Two of our favorite events are back to back so it will be an exciting June! There is an amazing event in the North Fork of Long Island at Greenport Brewery June 2-3! Our plan is to leave right after the finals and start heading west to Colorado! With this being our 3rd year heading out west for the GoPro Mountains, it has become a staple in our summer plans. Dutchess County Fair is also always on the calendar, since it was Tango’s first event and isn’t too far from home.

Q: Does Team Tango have plans of attending the 2018 World Championship?
A: Of course! If we get an invite, we will be there!

Fun Fact:

“Tango was not crate trained. After Tango jumps (and in between jumps) we always walk around the DockDogs® area, where people of all ages want to meet him! It is truly amazing to see how Tango breaks down breed stereotypes! Tango will usually do a little balancing act to make his fans happy, which then makes him happy! Poukie is a huge Boston Terrier who wants to be just like his big brother! Poukie has a toy drive and we have been slowly getting him onto the dock. As of now he jumps off the ramp with full confidence. Lookout for Poukie in 2018! This may be his year!” – Chris Geymayr

Blue Buffalo Ambassador Program Accepting Applicants for 2018

DockDogs® is excited to announce that Blue Buffalo is searching for Team Ambassadors exclusively through DockDogs®! Blue Buffalo is looking to sponsor up to ten (10) DockDogs® teams for the 2018 DockDogs® season!

Act quickly as submissions will only be accepted until Thursday, January 25th @ 11:59pm EST. At the close of submissions, DockDogs® will review the applications, confirm the content is accurate and submit them to Blue Buffalo marketing team for final selection. Selected teams will be notified and announced by email in early February 2018!

Blue Buffalo Ambassador Teams Will Receive 

  • Up to $2,500 in Blue Buffalo Food

Blue Buffalo Ambassador Team Expectations

  • Teams will be required to submit photos to DockDogs® Worldwide & Blue Buffalo of events that are attended.
  • Teams will be required to post photos via their own team social media pages and on the DockDogs® Facebook page of the events that they attend.
  • Teams will be required to wear Blue Buffalo t-shirts and include the Blue Buffalo logo on their dogs vest while participating at DockDogs® events.
  • Teams will be required to hang Blue Buffalo banners in their Dog Town Kenneling area
  • Teams will be required to give a testimonial to Blue Buffalo twice throughout the 2018 season.
  • Teams will be encouraged to promote Blue Buffalo products & DockDogs® events via online media to the best of their ability.
    • Team/Personal Blog
    • Team Facebook Pages, Team Twitter accounts, Team Instagram accounts, etc.

Application Requirements

  • Must be an Active DockDogs® Worldwide Member with the Team you’re applying for.
  • Applicants must attach a photo of themselves & their teammates using the application below.
  • Applicants must submit a 500-800 word essay to Blue Buffalo including why and how their team would be outstanding ambassadors.
  • Teams must be in good standing with DockDogs® Worldwide.
  • Applicants must already feed Blue Buffalo food or be willing to switch exclusively.

Apply To Be a Blue Buffalo DockDogs® Team Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Blue Buffalo Ambassador. Applications are not being accepted at this time.


DockDogs Christmas Credits – Save 20% on DockDogs Credits

What better way to gift the DockDogs lover in your life (or even yourself) than with the 2017 DockDogs Christmas Credits Sale!

Get 20% off your DockDogs® Credits** purchase during our Christmas Credits Sale!

Download the Christmas Credits Sales form below and send in by fax or email, to be received no later than December 23rd, 2017 @ 11:59 pm EST.
DockDogs® Credits can be used towards DockDogs® Worldwide Memberships or online pre-registration / onsite registration for Waves of competition.
**Note: all credits are good for one year from the date of issuance.

Any forms received after 23 December 2017 @ 11:59pm EST WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

Don’t forget to get your 2018 Season DockDogs® Worldwide Membership, online now at the discounted “Early Bird” rate, through December 31, 2017!

Radio DockDogs episode 166

In this episode, I sit down and talk to Jacob Salisbury, a youth handler out of Ashland, Kentucky where we have a candid talk about his DockDogs career and his Worlds experience in Knoxville. Be sure to tune into DockDogsTV tonight, Wednesday, November 29 where we talk about the upcoming 2018 season, photos from DDWC, and the Dueling Dogs World Championships!

DockDogs Black Friday & Cyber Monday Credits Sale – 25% SAVINGS

Love DockDogs? Don’t want to leave your house on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? We’re happy to once again announce our 2017 DockDogs Black Friday/Cyber Monday Credits Sale offer!

  • 25% DockDogs Credits Sale**
  • Forms can be sent in between Friday the 24th of November, 2017 and Monday the 27th of November, 2017.
    • Any forms received after 27 November 2017 @ 11:59pm EST WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.
  • DockDogs Credits can be used for DockDogs Worldwide Memberships or online pre-registration / onsite registration for Waves of competition. **NOTE: all credits are good for one year past the date of issuance.