It is time to cast your vote for the PCA’s. Here are a few details about the nominees to help you in your voting decision process.

Most Inspiring Team

Al Wright & Max

Watching Al and Max compete in the sport they both love was just an amazing thing this year. Max lost one of his legs to cancer in March, however that did not hold this dog back on the dock. He unfortunately lost his battle to cancer this past August, but Max will be remembered in the hearts of all the Canadian Dockdoggers. AL and Max a true love story between a man and his buddy.

Amy Sherwood & Dolly Pawton 

Amy is confined to a wheelchair and Dolly is her service dog. They are a great team who love DockDogs and what it offers them.

Jessica Dunn and Tanner 2.0

After watching the episode of DockDogs 101 on GSP’s featuring Tanner Barnes, Jessica (a Youth Handler) and her twin sister fell in love with that breed, their 2nd GSP was Named in Honor and memory of Tanner Barnes. Jessie has spent a great deal of time working with Tanner 2.0 and adopted that Never Give Up attitude. This year the hard work paid off and Tanner 2.0 won the Amateur Finals at Cabela’s. Her hardwork, passion and dedication will continue to pave the way for them.

Rita Jesse & Thunder

Rita Jesse has been in the sport for a few years now. She has gone from sitting on the sidelines, to learning to be a manual judge (from her wheelchair) to joining the board, but the most fun she has is when she is able to climb out of her chair, and up on the dock to play with Thunder. They may not have great jumps, but she is having FUN, and she shows at every event the true commitment to NO DISCRIMINATION.

Most Exciting Team

Charlotte Blake & Voss

This team is always well presented and a crowd pleaser.  Voss is an amazing athlete and well known for big jumps and EV strength.  They are exciting to watch in all disciplines and performs at the highest level.

Deloni Leslie & Safari-Ari

What’s more exciting than the fastest dog in Canada…..nothing!!  This team has come a long way and just love watching when they compete together on the dock. You can’t help but take notice when they hit the dock what an.outstanding team!

Sydney Mackey & Spitfire

This 13 year old youth handler and her dog,  is the team that you have to drop everything to watch when they’re on the dock.  A huge crowd pleaser, and always on the verge of some new record.   In addition to an incredible dog to watch fly, this team is lead by a level headed teenager that is always the picture of professionalism when representing her sport.  Sydney and spitfire represent the up and coming future of our sport and are amazing role models for fellow dog loving youth.

Timothy Kinder & Casey

For sure the team that absolutely gets the crowd and other competitors excited to watch them. A huge jumping Black Lab and his high drive high energy Handler really have this kind of electricity that is very hard to put into words but once you see them the hair on your arm is bound to stand on end. This powerful team just has a knack to give you that GET EXCITED feeling.

Best DockDogs Cheerleader

Addison Dalton

Still a few years off from being able to compete in DockDogs, this young girl is such a trooper at  events, she Loves to cheer for every team, especially the Youth Handlers.

Bonnie Lariviere

Bonnie is the sweetest person and is always high energy, at any event you ‘ll see her poolside cheering for everyone.  She has an infectious spirit and is awesome! She is especially good at getting new to the sport pups into the water.

Marie Earle

Even though most of the country doesn’t know her. She is our Club Treasurer and ever since getting involved with Dockdogs, Marie is the one who is ALWAYS at the side of the pool coaxing, cheering, waving pom-poms (yes, she has pom-poms) and ringing cowbells for every competitor.  And for finals, she dons the club cowboy hat and is there encouraging the crowd and woo-hooing for every jump! She is all about making our Club events the best experience for newbies and presenting a positive image for the sport. She makes us smile!

Roxane Newton

Cheers can be heard from blocks away, this woman, cheers for one and all….

Timothy Lake

Tim is the loudest, most enthusiastic, cheerleader that is encouraging to everyone around him.  And he looks good in a Cheerleading Outfit!

Most Improved Team

Chris Collins & Belle

Belle was adopted a few months ago and after initially refusing to jump at all, she began her dock diving career with Novice division jumps.  This team has since earned their Master title and all in a very short time.

Jenette Mackey & Kegger

Kegger started out in the spring of 2016 and was perfectly happy barking his happy bark and keeping his toes dry.   That first summer he was a dock hugger at every event.   After spending almost a year driving to weekly prcactices Kegger finally began belly plopping off the dock. By July Kegger had a pretty good sit stay, however Jenette would have to run her dog by carefully backing away from him then racing down the dock and throwing the toy.   He had his first Senior jump with a well placed toy… he finally started trying to catch it!   They have since earned their Master title and have achieved a couple of Super Elite jumps!

Kim Dunn & Edgar

After having multiple surgeries as a put, Edgar started jumping, achieving scores of less than 12′ to jumping over 20′ and earning a master title. He went from showing no interest in EV, to grabbing 6ft 10in. His first SR was around 16 seconds and now holda a personal best of 7.99. He has earned invites in BA, SR and EV.  They have come a long way in a short time.

Timothy Kinder & Riley

Riley is a part GSP mix that had some “will he or won’t he” jumping issues.  Over the past year this dogs has put up some crazy numbers with a little help from his handler and best friend.  He is one of the top ranked Titan Iron Dogs.  He has developed so nicely and they are starting to rival the excitement level of their team mate Casey!

Sportsperson of the Year

Butch Walb

Volunteers at every Rocky Mountain event including setup and tear-down.  He does this despite the fact they lost their dock diving dog to cancer.  He  still promotes the sport at other dog events.  He is friendly, helpful  and demonstrates consistently good sportsmanship!!

Kristi Baird

Kristi is the ultimate sportsperson. She is kind & helpful to new people at an event. She doesn’t engage in “politics” & sets the example to support each & every team on the dock.  Her encouragement and value of good sportsmanship makes her a great ambassador of the sport!

Ray Sumner

Always eager to help out wherever needed and always willing to help new people and is always at the side of the pool lending a hand.  Onboard and eager to help set up and tear down even if it isn’t his club’s event.  Passionate about helping out new teams. He competes at all local events and runs most practices for Seacoast DockDogs

Terry Walb

A long-time Club member, even though they lost their dock diving dog Zeus to Cancer last year, she continues to donate her time, money and energy to helping the Club grow to be successful. She shows-up to help with set-up, tear-down and everything in-between at all our club’s events. Great ambassador to our sport and the kind of person that we should recognize as a community.  Terry is humble and gracious and is friendly to everyone, human & canine alike.

Timothy Lake

Always apart of everything. Has such a love for the sport, and has great sportsmanship, and helps when needed whenever