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Welcome to DockDogs…

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  • Radio DockDogs Episode 80 – The Hall of Fame

    Mike Ziler - 1
    Radio DockDogs Episode 80 is out and continues the honor and excitement of the World Championships with a continuation of last weeks interview with Dan Jacobs, 2014 DockDogs Hall of Fame Inductee and features a second interview that is proof that DockDogs is truly one large family, that the legacy… read more →
  • New 2015 Season DockDogs Events Online

    Linda Torson & Ziva (Photo by The Proof Booth, All Rights Reserved)
    We’ve just added a few 2015 season DockDogs events and we’re ecstatic to let you know! Stay tuned to the DockDogs events calendar as we’re always adding new events and be sure to set your mileage preferences in the DockDogs Dashboard to be up-to-date with areas within your geographic area!… read more →
  • 2015 DockDogs Rules & Policies – Highlighted Summary of Changes

    With the 2015 DockDogs Rules & Policies official release earlier this week we promised to publish a summary of changes document as well, look no further than the document embedded below! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the 2015 DockDogs® Rules & Policies please use our contact form to… read more →


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